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Cooperative Purchasing Program

NOTICE: Program Requirements Postponed 

To assist local governments and public entities during the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Department of Administrative Services temporarily postpone the administrative fee for the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program. The program allows local governments and public entities to access various goods and services from participating State contracts. Additionally, if you are a current member, and the membership has or will expire in the next few months, contact the team below, and your membership will be renewed immediately, postponing the payment.
Prospective members: To join the program during this requirements postponement, contact:

Maureen Studer: maureen.studer@das.ohio.gov | 1-614-728-3723

Renee Hinte: renee.hinte@das.ohio.gov | 1-614-466-6530


Current members: Please check when your membership expires. If your membership expires within the next couple of months, please email Renee or Maureen to renew your membership, so you can continue to purchase items through the program.

After the Postponement: After the postponement of the requirements is lifted, new and ongoing members will be required to pay the annual membership fee. New members will be required to submit an enrollment form and resolution from their council or board.

Rules and Fees

Below are the rules and fees that will be effective once the suspension of rules has lifted. To participate:

  1. Pass an ordinance. Your council or board must pass legislation authorizing participation in the program. For a model resolution, click here.
  2. Complete enrollment form. For enrollment form, click here.  
  3. Pay administrative fee. The chart below outlines the annual fee structure based on the population of the political subdivision or type of district/authority.
  4. Issue a quarterly usage report. Ohio Revised Code 125.04B requires quarterly summary reports on use of the program. For the usage report form, click here.

Participants also assume responsibility for ordering directly from the vendor and vendor payment for any supplies or services purchased from state term contracts and schedules.

OhioBuys Training Materials

These key materials are needed to start in OhioBuys. 

C-LG.1.5 - Ohio Buys Using OhioBuys as a Co-Op User LG

Request to Purchase (RTP) to DAS

06.01 Ohio Buys Submit a Request to Purchase JA

06.02 Ohio Buys Review a Request to Purchase JA

Supplier Management and Exceptions

08.00 Ohio Buys Review a Supplier Record JA

08.01 Ohio Buys Create an Exception JA

08.02 Ohio Buys Review an Exception - Agency Reviewer JA

08.04 Ohio Buys Close an Exception JA

Public Notice Solicitations

06.00 Ohio Buys Create and Release a Public Notice Solicitation JA

Program Contact

Tonya Prickett, Procurement Manager
Phone: 614-466-2705
Fax: 614-485-1056
Email:  tonya.prickett@das.ohio.gov