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Opportunity Title

Ohio's Human Trafficking Prevention, Intervention, and Training Services Initiative

Opportunity Description

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) re-releases this Request for Grant Applications (RFGA) on behalf of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund (OCTF), the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, and the ODJFS Children’s Justice Act Task Force, for the purpose of soliciting applications from service providers across Ohio’s Eastern and Southeast Ohio regions to support three separate human trafficking related activities. These activities include the implementation of human trafficking prevention, intervention, and training services throughout Ohio’s Eastern and Southeast regions aimed at eliminating the crime of human trafficking and child exploitation. This RFGA seeks to select up to two (2) grantees. The responsibilities of the selected applicants will include implementation of at minimum two, (2) but up to three (3), separate human trafficking related activities, which include one (1) Human Trafficking Victim Support Services for Minors, two (2) Training and Professional Development for those implementing Human Trafficking Victim Support Services, and/or three (3) Human Trafficking Prevention Initiatives for Minors. NOTE: This is a re-release of prior released RFGA# JFSR2223228226. The OCTF will prioritize applications proposing services in county(ies) within the Eastern and Southeast Regions of the state (O.R.C. 3109.171).

General Information

Administrative, Financial, Managerial, Courier, Insurance & Temp Svcs
Miscellaneous Commodities & Services
Request For Proposal
Job and Family Services, Ohio Department of
Job and Family Services, Ohio Department of

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