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Opportunity Title

Unaffiliated Food Banks

Opportunity Description

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) announces this Request for Grant Application (RFGA) with the Office of Family Assistance (OFA) for the purpose of awarding to qualified, unaffiliated food banks and food pantries to assist with the cost of implementing or improving their current food distribution program. The objective of this project is to better serve Ohio’s low-income communities experiencing food insecurity by increasing access or improving services of safe food availability and distribution. Funds are designed to support eligible food banks and food pantries in the administration of their food distribution program by improving health and safety standards, the hiring of additional staff, training so that staff and/or volunteers can better serve their communities, the purchase of equipment/food storage equipment, (Total amount of equipment cannot exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of funds requested and will be pre-approved by agreement manager if over $5,000.00); or to purchase food so that agencies can increase their distribution. This RFGA will be awarded under Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Purpose 1, which requires the target population served to be Ohio citizens who are at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the Federal Poverty Level and a parent of a minor child aged seventeen (17) or younger, or eighteen (18) and in high school or a non-custodial parent of a minor child, or pregnant.

General Information

Administrative, Financial, Managerial, Courier, Insurance & Temp Svcs
Miscellaneous Commodities & Services
Request For Proposal
Job and Family Services, Ohio Department of
Job and Family Services, Ohio Department of

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