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All Ohio|Buys solicitations are available on the Ohio|Buys Public Solicitations page.
In addition, bidders and suppliers will receive email notifications for any solicitations they have been invited to respond to. Bidders/Suppliers should keep the list of commodities they offer up-to-date in Ohio Buys to ensure they can be easily identified as potential Suppliers for solicitations.
Responses to solicitations should be submitted electronically in Ohio|Buys.

General Information

Administrative, Financial, Managerial, Courier, Insurance & Temp Svcs
Agricultural Equipment & Related Products & Services
Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Theatre & Gaming
Automotive Products, Vehicles and Related Services
Building Construction Equipment, Supplies & Services
Clothing, Textiles, Laundry Equipment & Supplies
Communication Equipment & Services
Computers, Software, Supplies & Services
Food, Food Mgmt Svcs, Food Related Equip & Related Svcs
Furnishings, Accessories & Related Items
Furniture & Related Services
Hardware, Hardware Related Equipment & Services
Highway Road Equipment, Materials & Related Equip & Svcs
Janitorial & Cleaning Equipment, Supplies & Services
Laboratory Equipment, Supplies & Services
Maintenance & Repair of Equipment
Medical or Dental Equipment, Supplies & Services
Miscellaneous Commodities & Services
Office Machines, Office Supplies, Related Items & Svcs
Paper, Print Shop Equipment & Related Products & Svcs
Personal Products, Equipment & Services
Public Works Maintenance, Park Equip & Construction Svcs
Rental & Leasing Services
Safety, Protection & Environmental Services & Equipment
School, Educational & Library Equipment, Supplies & Svcs
Sporting, Athletic, Marine, Watercraft & Other Outdoor Equip. & Svcs
Testing & Sampling Equipment & Services
The Trades: Electrical, Engineering, HVAC, Plumbing & Welding
Transit & Mass Transit Equipment & Related Services
Water & Sewer Treatment Equipment, Supplies & Svcs
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Administrative Services, Department of
Administrative Services, Department of

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