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OMES Provider Network Management RFP

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➢ Consolidation of all screening, credentialing, revalidation, and eligibility activities for all medical and non-medical providers participating in OME programs into consistent processes supported by a single system component.
➢ Better integrate manual processes associated with provider eligibility into the automated systems.
➢ Alignment with CMS guidance relating to implementation and operation of a modern MMIS.
➢ Collaborative enterprise governance among participating agencies.
➢ Improved information sharing among participating sister state agencies.
➢ Modern technical platforms supporting Medicaid operations.
➢ Increased system flexibility to enable quicker response to service offerings, rapidlychanging business requirements, and stakeholder expectations.
➢ Shared components to allow consolidation of functionality that can be leveraged by SSAs performing similar business activities.
➢ Elimination of older, isolated systems and processes supporting business functions not addressed by the current core MMIS components.
➢ Consolidating information across the OME for enterprise reporting and analytical purposes.
➢ Improving performance management and stakeholder accountability.
➢ Continuous quality improvement in operations and health outcomes.
➢ Alignment with applicable industry standards and best practices.

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Computers, Software, Supplies & Services
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Medicaid, The Ohio Department of
Administrative Services, Department of


2/8/2018 thru 3/7/2018 8:00:00 AM

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2/8/2018 thru 3/7/2018 8:00:00 AM
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