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Farmers Markets Wireless Point of Sale
Document #:  JFSR1213178046

Question:   on the location of business form do we need topput both addreses of hthe market if we have then? the nfm is in a park during the summer and in a church during the other seasons.

Answer:   For the location of business use the current location of the market.

Date: 8/30/2012

Inquiry: 26362

Question:   on the applicaiton, what is our payment terms? section 7 - where do we find this information? net 30?

Answer:   Section 1.10 of the RFA outlines the Two different payment options. Vendors are to choose one.

Date: 8/30/2012

Inquiry: 26360

Question:   It seems that some wireless terminals do not perform as well as others. Which wireless terminals seem to work best across the state?

Answer:   This question does not pertain to the RFA in anyway. Therefore it will not be answered.

Date: 8/30/2012

Inquiry: 26284

Question:   We have USDA approval and FNS #. We recently were instructed to apply for POS equipment through XEROX but we need wireless because we are outside in a park. City of Cincinnati. Hamilton County. Please let me know how we can apply for funding for wireless terminal. Thank you!

Answer:   Please refer to the RFA for instructions on how and where to submit an application.

Date: 7/30/2012

Inquiry: 26117

Question:   In regards to vendor response preferences, is this a small business set aside or MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) ownership preferences?

Answer:   No it is not. However Any farmers markets that are considered an MBE are encouraged to apply.

Date: 7/19/2012

Inquiry: 25933

Question:   I have two questions. First, is there funding still available for this first come, first serve grant? Our farmers market is coordinated by the community development corporation, Ohio City Incorporated. We currently have a wireless POS machine used for community events as well as the farmers market. As we add more community events to our calendar we are finding it a strain to use this machine for both, and we would like to have a POS machine solely for the farm market. So my second question follows, can we qualify for this grant even though the coordinating organization already has a wireless POS machine—one that it would like to be dedicated to other purposes? Thank you for your time. Maggie

Answer:   1. Yes, funding is still available. 2. The funding is for Farmer's Markets that do not have wireless point of sale devices already.

Date: 6/25/2012

Inquiry: 25889

Question:   Would it be possible to receive funding for the 2012 Farmers Market or is this only to support 2013 Farmers Markets?

Answer:   The funding is for State Fiscal Year 2013 which starts on July 1, 2012.

Date: 6/25/2012

Inquiry: 25886

Question:   1. Do markets who will seek free wireless terminals need to contact you before applying to be a SNAP retailer? 2. Is there are deadline for markets who want to get the free wireless terminals? 3. Can the terminals also accept credit and debit cards, even if these fees are not paid by grant funds? 4. Are there predetermined providers? FMMN has been approached by WorldPay seeking referrals for markets wanting wireless ebt/debit processing.

Answer:   1. No, however questions regarding the SNAP retailer application may be directed to Robin Masters with FNS, USDA at (317) 510-7226 or by e-mail at robin.masters@fns.usda.gov. 2. There is no deadline however funding will be provided on a first come, first serve basis until funding has been exhausted. The department may revisit a deadline at the end of October 2012. 3. Yes. 4. No, however the farmer's markets need to ensure the wireless terminal provider will accept EBT transactions. Please review Section 1.7 "Requirements of the Device" of the RFA for a complete list of device requirements and functionality.

Date: 6/22/2012

Inquiry: 25885

Question:   Is this a Credit Card Mobile Device for processing cards only, or are you looking for a true point of sale system to track all sales including CASH/CREDIT/EBT? Thanks Ed

Answer:   The device must be able to process Electronic Benefit Transaction-EBT cards and provide a written receipt to the customer. Credit card processing is also an allowable function of the device. Please review Section 1.7 "Requirements of the Device" of the RFA for a complete list of device requirements and functionality.

Date: 6/15/2012

Inquiry: 25844

Question:   How do we become one of the Point of Sale vendors the Farmers Markets can choose to purchase or lease?

Answer:   We have no list of vendors. Farmers markets are free to purchase or lease from any company.

Date: 6/15/2012

Inquiry: 25838

Question:   In May, 2012, Lettuce Eat Well Farmers Market was approved by USDA to accept food stamps at the market. I am interested in obtaining funds to purchase/lease POS equipment so as to be able to implement the EBT/food stamp program at the market. Please let me know what steps I must take in order to receive funds to purchase/lease the EBT equipment. Thank you for your assistance with this matter. Sincerely, Mary A. Hutten, Market Co-Manager

Answer:   The application process is laid out in the document that has been posted. Please fill out all the attachments and mail the forms as directed.

Date: 6/15/2012

Inquiry: 25832


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