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Statewide Media Campaign Services
Document #:  JFSR1213038025

Question:   Under a couple of questions you are requesting affidavits for radio and Television - what if the campaign only utilized radio and other media including online? Still acceptable?

Answer:   No. Exclusion of television affidavits is unacceptable. The vendor must include television in their proposed plan.

Date: 10/19/2011

Inquiry: 23927

Question:   Is there a budget for this? What are the demos ODJFS wants to reach? Do any particular programs take priority over others that ODJFS wants to promote?

Answer:   1) No. ODJFS has not provided a budget for this project. ODJFS is relying on vendors to develop an effective, low-cost statewide radio and television campaign. Vendors are to use their business expertise in understanding the work described in this RLB, taking into consideration any intervening steps or activities that must be performed in order to complete the work, even if ODJFS does not explicitly identify those intervening costs in this RLB, and offer their compensation rate accordingly. 2) ODJFS is hoping to reach Ohioans who are eligible for Ohio Works First (cash assistance), which means they have at least one child and earn less than 50% of the federal poverty level. 3) This specific campaign is to promote the work requirements of the Ohio Works First program.

Date: 10/12/2011

Inquiry: 23866


Inquiry period ended:  10/19/2011 8:00:00 AM