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Cobol Programmer Analyst UC Data Validation
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS12013

Question:   Request clarification of the following qualification: d. Three (3) examples of validation of reported data using federal data validation programs. What are you requesting here? This is unclear.

Answer:   In order to qualify for consideration, responses to this proposal must include a candidate who has worked on a federal data validation program and successfully validated three reports. Federal data validation is a process used to demonstrate that data included in standard reports accurately reflect program (in this case Unemployment Compensation Benefits) activity. The data validation process cross checks previously filed reports with data derived from federally mandated data validation programs. The candidate must have balanced the data validation results with the reported data on three different reports.

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23425

Question:   Do you have to be a MBE to bid? Is there an incumbent resource being rebid?

Answer:   This Request for Letterhead Bid (RLB) can only be awarded to an MBE-certified vendor. The RLB will be awarded to the vendor based solely on the response to this RLB.

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23418

Question:   Was there a contractor previously in this role? Would ODJFS consider a consultant that does not have 2 years of OJI experience?

Answer:   In order to meet the candidate requirements for this position, two years of OJI experience are required.

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23408

Question:   Hi there, on page 5 under letter D under c. Six (6) months programming experience in DOL data validation Does DOL stand for "Department of Licensing?" and if not can you clarify what it does stand for?

Answer:   For this project, DOL refers to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23406

Question:   In the RFP there is a box with "cost per hour range", was that intended to bill filled in or is the range required to be filled in as part of the prospal.

Answer:   The cost per hour range was intentionally left blank to be completed as part of the competitive bid.

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23400

Question:   Why are most of the new requirements for MBE. We are Veteran-owned, but is not officially and MBE at this time. Is there a ratio or quota that is required? Sure would like the opportunity.

Answer:   ODJFS is proud to promote a comprehensive and proactive MBE program. As part of that program, ODJFS reviews every purchase and contracting opportunity for the possibility of setting it aside for competitive bid by MBE/EDGE vendors only. This Request for Letterhead Bid has been identified as such an opportunity. Consequently, only MBE-certified vendors can be considered for this opportunity. For more information on becoming MBE certified, please check: http://das.ohio.gov/Divisions/EqualOpportunity/tabid/80/Default.aspx

Date: 8/2/2011

Inquiry: 23399


Inquiry period ended:  8/3/2011 8:00:00 AM