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Client Server WebSphere Systems Administrator
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS12010

Question:   1. Page 5, Section D - Required Qualifications: States that "failure to show these qualifications in the resume(s) will disqualify your resource…" while the note at the bottom of page 32 - Evaluation Criteria, states that "if the vendor or candidate earned a score of "0" for any of the above criteria, the vendor or candidate may be disqualified." Can you Please clarify between these two statements? 2. Page 5, Section D - Required Qualifications: Can you tell us what version of IBM WebSphere ODJFS is running today and if you are planning any upgrades in the future?

Answer:   1.) It is required that the vendor verify the skill sets that ODJFS is requesting for the IT resource to have. Failure to show the required skill sets on the resume will disqualify your candidate. Likewise, on the Technical Score sheet, if your candidate receives a zero (0) in Phase II scoring, your candidate will not meet or achieve the necessary points to move to Phase III, Interview. 2.) Although we have many applications at WebSphere Version 7 today, we still run several version levels of WebSphere (from WebSphere 5 to WebSphere 7) and are in process of upgrading to WebSphere 7 in several program areas. Our technology requirements are to get everything to WebSphere 7 and stay on current supported release levels. Resources and program areas determine how and when WebSphere 7 can be implemented.

Date: 7/7/2011

Inquiry: 23301

Question:   Is this position currently filled by a consultant and if so are they eligible to be submitted for bid.

Answer:   We have a WebSphere Admin consultant position, with very short tenure with JFS. At this time we do not have any expectation/knowledge that any existing consultant will be resubmitted through. The position must be re-bid for this coming fiscal year. We are focusing our position to very qualified candidates.

Date: 7/1/2011

Inquiry: 23270

Question:   What is the interview process, will there be a intial phone screen or direct face to face interview ?

Answer:   The interview process is as stated within the RLB. It is a structured interview in which the candidate will be asked a series of questions and their responses will be scored accordingly. This is an on-site, face-to-face interview. No travel or parking expenses, nor any other expenses, will be covered. The vendor is responsible for any, and all travel expenses. There are no reimbursements by ODJFS.

Date: 6/29/2011

Inquiry: 23252

Question:   Is this RLB replacing RLB OIS-12-006? And if so has the MBE requirement been lifted?

Answer:   Yes. This RLB is replacing RLB-OIS-12-006. And the MBE/EDGE requirement has been lifted/removed. This RLB is open to all vendors with a valid STS for IT consulting services.

Date: 6/29/2011

Inquiry: 23250


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