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Remedy Asset & Change Management Implementation Project
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS12007

Question:   2) The RFP was released Wednesday morning and the Q&A window is closing Friday at “8:00 AM”. We are seeking for an extension to the Q&A window to Tuesday COB to allow the proper time for resource to review and formulate the proper questions. We are also asking the due date be extended to COB Monday July 11th to allow for a proper response to be provided for this offering.

Answer:   Due to project timelines, we are unable to extend the dates for this RLB.

Date: 6/24/2011

Inquiry: 23226

Question:   We are looking to provide a team comprised of key individuals on site and certain part time resource offsite to augment the team in specialty areas. Will VPN access be made available for the offsite resources to support the project.

Answer:   VPN access can be made available for the offsite resource to support the project.

Date: 6/24/2011

Inquiry: 23225

Question:   Are there currently contracted resources in this position?

Answer:   Currently there are no contracted resources in this position.

Date: 6/24/2011

Inquiry: 23209


Inquiry period ended:  6/24/2011 8:00:00 AM