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Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) Website Project
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS11007

Question:   Section VI. Scope of work * Are there brand guidelines for the new Ohio brand that will drive the new look and feel of the OJI site? * The term brand graphs is as a sample deliverable. Can this be interpreted as brand graphics? Section VI. Scope of work Part A. Analysis and Design (Phase 1) Primary Deliverable: Web Site Design Item 2: * Which specific states sites will be included in the web site review or how many? Item 3: * How much content would the ODJFS team estimate will migrate to the new site? Item 4: * Does this RLB assume no new functionality will be required for the new design? General question: * Is the ODJFS team planning any directional research or usability testing to ensure the design is useful, usable, and desirable for Ohioans applying for unemployment insurance benefits that would inform the design or refinement activities?

Answer:   A.) Landing page requirements and Ohio.gov logo requirements for application internal pages. Ohio.gov logo graphic is available from the Office of Communications. StateWide and ODJFS Branding Graphics guidelines per: ITP-F.3 Web Site Accessibility http://das.ohio.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=99cw1kez4Hc%3d&tabid=107 ITP-F.4 Executive Branch Cabinet Agency Web Site Standardization http://das.ohio.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=q3aZwxAWB5k%3d&tabid=107 ODJFS Branding standards: IPP.3220. Posting Information to the ODJFS Internet and InnerWeb Web Sites http://emanuals.odjfs.state.oh.us/emanuals/GetDocument.do?doc=Document%28storage%3DREPOSITORY%2CdocID%3D%23Ref_IPP%29&locSource=input&docLoc=%24REP_ROOT%24%23Ref_IPP&username=guest&password=guest&publicationName=emanuals B.) There will be 3-5 state’s sites that we will want you to review. The list is not available at this time. All of the current content will need to be available on the new site. When brought into production, this activity will replace the existing site. There is a stream of work going on in the system but as of this writing none of these activities are expected to have an important impact on the structure and flow of the site. For example, there are new data fields being added each month to conform to legislative directives. C.) We are counting on the vendor’s delivery to have already addressed this need. Once the state team accepts the design and flow we will do thorough testing of consistency standards conformance.

Date: 2/28/2011

Inquiry: 21702

Question:   Hello - Can you define "Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) /Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE)" for me? My Web Design company is interested in bidding but we are owned by a white male. Are we not eligible? Many thanks for your time.

Answer:   To be eligible to submit a response to this RLB, your company needs to be a certified State of Ohio Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) company or an Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE) company. The MBE program assists certified MBE vendors by making them eligible to participate in the state's set aside program. The EDGE program is designed to facilitate access to state government contracts and business services for EDGE certified businesses. To be certified as a MBE/EDGE vendor, you must meet the basic requirements of the programs: 1) Is your company a "for profit" business? 2) Has your company been in business for at least one year? 3) Is your company owned and controlled by a minority (MBE) or a person of social disadvantage (EDGE)? 4) Does that person own 51% of the company? 5) Is that person an Ohio resident and U.S. citizen? 6) Does that person have a personal net worth of less than $250,000? (applicable to EDGE only) To find out more about the certification process for these programs, please access the following address: http://www.das.ohio.gov/Divisions/EqualOpportunity/MBEEDGECertification.aspx

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21685

Question:   Is this a new website or redesign of a website? If its a redesign what are the current technologies being used? If it is a redesign is the work to be done cosmetic or is it cosmetic and functional.

Answer:   a.) There is an existing website that we are redesigning. b.) OJI is currently html, Java and JavaScript based. c.) The current website is fully functional. The redesign may need to change the ordering of data gathering on the screen to get to a better flow.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21675

Question:   VI. A. 5. b. Do the design artifacts include files such as Photoshop and Illustrator Files (if applicable)?

Answer:   The design artifacts are not specified and are expected to be provided as a part of your proposal.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21671

Question:   VI. A. 5. a. Are there any scripting language or scripting language version restrictions? (i.e. JQuery 1.3.3 is acceptable, however JQuery 1.4.4 is not.)

Answer:   The OJI policy for external facing applications is that the web site should function without the use of JavaScript. It does not mean that Javascript can't be used, but the application should function if JavaScript is disabled. The splash page (unemployment.ohio.gov) states: Our online services require either Internet Explorer version 4.0 and higher or Firefox 2.0 and higher. You might experience difficulties with this application because of particular characteristics of your browser. For best results, use the latest version of the browser. Any JavaScript should be ADA compliant. State of Ohio Policy: ITP-F.3 Web Site Accessibility http://das.ohio.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=99cw1kez4Hc%3d&tabid=107

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21670

Question:   VI. A. 5. a. Should the templates be developed for use with a specific tool (i.e. Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Visual Studio, etc..)?

Answer:   Current ODJFS templates are a combination of CSS and html templates. OJI may not be.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21669

Question:   VI. A. 2. Does the current web-site utilize a Content Management System (CMS) (i.e. DotNetNuke, Wordpress, Joomla, etc...)

Answer:   ODJFS utilizes Serena Collage for static web content. OJI static content is not currently housed in the ODJFS CMS.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21668

Question:   VI. A. 2. What is the current web-site front end built with (i.e. html, .Net, PHP, etc...)?

Answer:   IDE - IBM Rational Application Developer 7.5.5 Java beans JSP HTML Javascript Application server: WebSphere 6.0, with plans to upgrade to WebSphere 7 in the not-to-distant future

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21667

Question:   Dear ODJFS, On page 4 of the RLB, one of the qualifications of the vendor is to provide three (3) references for which the vendor has successfully provided services on projects of a size and scope that are comparable to this project and that are comparable to the requirements in the RLB. Can the vendor include references of teaming partners (subcontractor firm) to meet this qualification? Thank you.

Answer:   The references must be from the team that is submitting the proposal. If you are expecting to have subcontractors as a part of the team, that firm’s work can be included as a reference.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21633

Question:   In Section VI, Scope of Work, Subsection A-4, the document references JAD sessions. Will the vendor be responsible for developing and administering the JAD sessions, or will ODJFS assign an internal project manager to perform these duties? Alternatively, will the JAD sessions be conducted as more of an informal collaborative discovery phase? Finally, how many JAD sessions will ODJFS require? The document references “a sequence of JAD sessions…for a two week interval”.

Answer:   The JAD sessions will be a more informal sharing session to provide the vendor the knowledge and constraints that exist within the business side for this new site design. They will be relatively informal. Assume 6-8, 2-hour JAD sessions. In additional to the JAD Sessions we will make call center staff available for interviews to gather data about the experiences they have had with these unemployment claimants.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21614

Question:   In Section VI, Scope of Work, the document refers to design iterations, stating “The creative design process will be…iterative in nature.” Should the prospective vendor prescribe a set number of iterations in the proposal in order to accommodate the fixed price bid, and does ODJFS have a preference for number of iterations based on previous website projects?

Answer:   We do not have a preference for the number of iterations. If you would like to bound the number of iterations to allow you to create a proposal that is acceptable. You should be sure that your assumption will allow for sufficient input from the state team however.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21613

Question:   In Section VI, Scope of Work, the document states "The scope of this project is to design a new OJI Web Interface...and establish a new branding, image, look and feel." Under Subsection A-3, the document states "Confirm...graphic look and feel and content to migratefrom current...website branding." Is the selected vendor responsible for developing new branding standards or merge a combination of new and old branding? How much creative flexibility is afforded to the selected vendor?

Answer:   Branding Standards are set by OIT ITP F.4-Executive Branch Cabinet Agency Web Site Standardization: http://das.ohio.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=q3aZwxAWB5k%3d&tabid=107 Further Branding constrictions are imposed by the ODJFS Office of Communications for ODJFS web sites and applications.

Date: 2/23/2011

Inquiry: 21612


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