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Medicaid Provider Incentive Program
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS11005

Question:   The terms of the RLB or the State Term Schedule do not contain certain terms and conditions that would be expected to accommodate hosting services. a) Will the State entertain such provisions, and b) should bidder propose these terms in its RLB response?

Answer:   The state is requesting services to implement and support a solution that is hosted by the vendor with subsequent turnover to the State. The RLB contains details on service level expectations, terms for ongoing support and transition. If there are terms and conditions that may not be fully reflected in the vendors State Term Schedule the vendor can submit a request to DAS to modify their respective schedule. If there are additional terms and conditions that are specific to providing services to meet the requirements of the RLB the vendor should also propose those items in their response.

Date: 1/5/2011

Inquiry: 21246

Question:   I. Purpose, Overview of the Work’s Scope (p.4) Diagram – The diagram on p. 4 shows that “Provider and JFS Staff Help Desk Support” is in the definition of Hosted Services. Questions: A) Will the Help Desk for both the Providers and JFS Staff be solely the responsibility of the vendor? B)If it is the responsibility of the vendor, will the Help Desk answer calls both directly from Providers and from JFS staff? C) Will the vendor address only the resolution of login or technical problems or will the Help Desk also be responsible for providing answers to and support of programmatic questions?

Answer:   The following answers corresponds accordingly: A) The vendor will provide a help desk for resolution of login or technical problems. These problems can be reported by providers or ODJFS staff. B) Yes. C) Vendor addresses only the resolution of login or technical problems.

Date: 1/4/2011

Inquiry: 21248

Question:   I. Purpose, Background (p. 2) “The objective of this RLB is to procure an existing solution and services from a Contractor with experience... including, but not limited to: Ohio’s State Medicaid Health Information Technology Plan (SMHP) Ohio’s Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD),... specifications.” Question: Are Ohios SMHP and IAPD available for review?

Answer:   A draft SMHP has been submitted to CMS. For your convenience, a copy of this draft has been added to the RLB posting as Addendum Number 2. The IAPD is not in draft form as of yet, so it cannot be provided.

Date: 1/4/2011

Inquiry: 21247

Question:   RLB-OIS-11-005, Section II, page 4: Time and Date of Submission - Question: Due to the size and complexity of the RLB and a need to provide an optimal response to satisfy the requirements requested, what is the possibility of changing the current response time from 14 calendar days (January 10, 2010) to 35 calendar days (January 31, 2011).

Answer:   Due to the restricted timeline that is associated with this project, the stated response time will remain the same as stated with in the RLB.

Date: 12/29/2010

Inquiry: 21211

Question:   Could ODJFS provide a soft copy of the "model contract" as referred to in the paragraph below: Contractual Requirements Any contract resulting from the issuance of this solicitation is subject to the terms and conditions as provided in the model contract, which is available from JFS upon request. Potential vendors are strongly encouraged to read the model contract to be fully aware of all JFS contractual requirements.

Answer:   There isn't a soft copy of the "model contract" since the term, "model contract” and reference to the term should have been deleted from the RLB prior to the release of the bid opportunity. Leaving "model contract" in the RLB was an oversight by JFS. The vendor's contractual terms and conditions for the award of this RLB is the DAS-OIT State Term Schedule contract, requirements as outlined in RLBOIS11005, vendor's RLB proposal and the approved State of Ohio - JFS Purchase Order to awarded vendor. JFS would like to stress that it is essential for the awarded vendor to have a current DAS-OIT State Term Schedule contract with active, associated STS products as pertains to the project. Additionally, it is critical for the awarded vendor to remain in good stating with DAS-OIT under their State Term Schedule contract throughout the JFS RLB project life cycle and phases to avoid cancellation of the award.

Date: 12/29/2010

Inquiry: 21210


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