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OJI Extended Benefits IT Consultants
Document #:  JFSRLBOIS11002

Question:   To accurately complete Attachment A: STANDARD AFFIRMATION AND DISCLOSURE FORM EXECUTIVE ORDER 2010-09S, what are the addresses we should list for "2. Location where services will be performed by Contractor/Grantee:" , "3. Location where state data will be stored..." and "4. Location where services to be performed will be changed..." Thank you.

Answer:   The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services expect all IT consulting services/functions are to be performed at 4200 E. Fifth Street, Columbus, OH 43219.

Date: 10/14/2010

Inquiry: 20869

Question:   This question is regarding an earlier Q&A. Here is the Q&A: Are there incumbent consultants currently in these roles or are these new positions? Answer: These are positions that existed previously and when the fiscal year ended a decision was made to retain the position and repost. New question regarding this topic - Are there resources in these positions today? We understand that the positions were retained at the end of the fiscal year but it is not clear if resources are in these positions today. Thanks.

Answer:   There are no resources in these positions today.

Date: 10/14/2010

Inquiry: 20870

Question:   Please clarify: We can submit up to three candidates per position. Since there are two COBOL P/A positions, it is my understanding that we can submit a total of up to six (6) COBOL candidates (three candidates for each COBOL position) - is that correct? Thanks

Answer:   Yes, a total of six candidates may be submitted. However, if the same candidate is being submitted for both positions, it is not required to submit them for both, only indicate that the candidate is to be considered for both.

Date: 10/14/2010

Inquiry: 20868

Question:   To Whom It May Concern: On page 5, Section D, under the COBOL Programmers/Analysts description letter c states that the qualified candidate(s) must have 3 years of experience with SQL Query Tool. Is this the actual name of the tool or are there multiple tools that would fulfill this requirement? Thank you, Cara Snyder TEKsystems

Answer:   AQT, SPUFI or DSNTEP2r to run SQL on mainframe

Date: 10/13/2010

Inquiry: 20856

Question:   Hello, Per the RLB you state Desirable qualifications but in the score sheet they show as Mandatory. Should they be desirable? Also, I am assuming that all the desirable quals apply to all positions?

Answer:   Each position has a list of desirable qualifications and those apply to that position. Desireable qualifications for each position is as follows: a. Previous experience in Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) development roles; b. Previous experience in Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) Testing roles; c. Basic knowledge of Unemployment Insurance and Benefits; d. Previous experience in Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) System Analyst roles; e. Previous experience with unemployment compensation benefits policy; f. Previous experience in experience training/ mentoring development and user staff.

Date: 10/13/2010

Inquiry: 20854

Question:   Are you requiring 3 separate set of documents for each position? Thanks

Answer:   No. One (1) overall hard copy vendor proposal with two (2) copies and one (1) copy of their response on non-rewritable compact disc (CD) in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). But, contained in each vendor proposal there should be a separate set of documentation for each position for which you are providing a response to the RLB. One section for Systems Analyst; one section for COBOL develop; and one for the Tester. Please note: Vendor proposals may, at their discretion, propose UP TO THREE (3) separate candidates for each position needed by ODJFS.

Date: 10/13/2010

Inquiry: 20850

Question:   Are there incumbent consultants currently in these roles or are these new positions?

Answer:   These are positions that existed previously and when the fiscal year ended a decision was made to retain the position and repost.

Date: 10/13/2010

Inquiry: 20840

Question:   Good morning! Is this a new opportunity or is there an incumbant? Please advise at your convenience. Thank you!

Answer:   These are positions that existed previously and when the fiscal year ended a decision was made to retain the position and repost.

Date: 10/13/2010

Inquiry: 20833

Question:   Citadel Consulting is a computer consulting firm with over 29 year successful history of helping businesses, governments, and universities make effective use of their computer systems. Since our inception, Citadel Consulting has been providing services, developing products, investigating markets and accomplishing other activities characteristic of a development stage company. We specialize in consulting, custom development of computer software with computer consultants providing software technology, analysis, programming, hardware, software evaluation, and services that dramatically improve application quality and developer productivity. Citadel Consulting places special emphasis on manufacturing, government, insurance, education and financial organizations. Below is a listing of a few valuable application and services: • SAP • SAS solutions • Software modification, and development • User Training & Education • Production Support • Product Installation • Dun & Bradstreet Software Interfaces • Project Management • Technical & Application Expertise • Customer Reporting • Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group (ICS) - UPI Software • And other services necessary to support the maintenance and enhancement of your systems We were certified in 1993 as a SBA 8(a) Small Minority-Owned Company and awarded the GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract Number GS-35F-0162N in 2003. In addition, we are registered in both Pro-Net, U.S. Small Business Administration’s: Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) and CCR.

Answer:   Thank you for the information on your company.

Date: 10/12/2010

Inquiry: 20844

Question:   To Whom it May Concern, I own a Minority-Certifiefd Business in the State of Ohio. We have provided IT staffing and IT project work, since 1998. I was VERY interested in bidding on several of the current bid MBE bid opportunities (ie. JFSRLBOIS11001 and JFSRLBOIS11002). Unfortunately, after reading the RLBs, I determined that I am not eligible because of the STS requirement stated in RLB. I dont understand why the STS requirement, is put in place ? If this is to be a MBE set-aside to help small business, the STS requirement only further narrows down the number of good, eligible MBE companys that might be able to provide the State their IT services. To be approved by the State of Ohio to be an STS vendor, is quite time consuming, costly in man-hours to complete and submit, and the whole process from beginning to end, takes a considerable amount time to be approved. It just seems like this is an additional means of exclusion put in front of a viable MBE company interested in applying. Could you please provide me with some feedback and reasoning for STS requirement in these Bids ? Sincerely Kyle Polk CEO/Owner Decisive Systems Technologies, ltd (614) 214-6138

Answer:   By law, State Agencies who are purchasing goods and services only have four (4) procurement vehicles. One of these vehicles is the use of State-Term Schedules (STS). STS’ are an alternative procurement method to purchase supplies and services, with contracts negotiated between DAS and vendors for use by all state agencies and political subdivisions. State Term Schedules require the vendor to provide the state with either the manufacturer’s Federal GSA pricing or their best commercial pricing. Strict guidelines govern the states’ authority to accept and negotiate product, prices, terms and conditions from qualifying companies. Currently only office equipment, computer equipment and telecommunications equipment are available for this program. To apply for a State Term Schedule for IT services the vendor must hold a GSA-70 for those services. Secondly, the vendor must have a letter from a state agency interested in procuring those services. With those requirements fulfilled the vendor can apply for a State Term Schedule. Time frame for completing a STS is about five days. ODJFS has attached our the DAS web site for additional information on doing business with the State of Ohio. Please click on the following: www.procure.ohio.gov. and/or http://www.procure.ohio.gov/proc/ContractsSTS3.asp

Date: 10/12/2010

Inquiry: 20847


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