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OhioMeansGenerations Outreach Services
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Question:   Will the selected firm have access to/be able to work with other state agencies? Are state agencies permitted to freely cross promote services e.g. jobs, with other state agencies? If so, are there any restrictions and what are they?

Answer:   1) ODJFS welcomes any strategies that may involve other state agencies. Consideration must be given to any time or work commitments that another agency may have to assume in such an instance. Should a proposal be selected that includes collaboration with other state agencies, both ODJFS and the Department of Aging will work to ensure access. The OhioMeansGenerations website is itself cross-promotional among some state agencies. 2)There are no explicit permissions or prohibitions for such activities. Each instance of such would be reviewed for viability and selected for implementation/denial on its own merit.

Date: 9/14/2010

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Question:   Thank you for the opportunity to submit our questions. B. Organizational Experience and Capabilities On Page 5 of 17, (2.c.) the RLB refers to: “the likelihood of success on the project for ODJFS”. Has ODJFS established any criteria for success in terms of outreach, such as the number of visitors to the website? VI. Scope of Work - Proposed Outreach Plan: C. Outreach Plan: Proposals must include an outreach plan that identifies: On P. 6 of 17, the RLB states: 2. A three-month outreach campaign commencing immediately upon approval by ODJFS of the finalized outreach plan through March 15, 2011 that identifies outreach logistics (when, how, number of outreach instances, etc.) which will include the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Southeastern Ohio geographical areas.” Are the Toledo and Youngstown areas specifically excluded from this outreach effort? VIII. Vendor Compensation: On P. 7 of 17, the RLB states: “The selected vendor will be required to finalize the proposed plan and to implement it as the deliverables required under the contract. (P. 7 of 17) Is the specified $45,000 budget to include such items as the cost of buying advertising for radio, newspaper, billboards, theater ads, web ads and television?

Answer:   1) Under Section VI. C (3) of the RLB, ODJFS is requesting that the vendor provide an outreach plan that includes how the vendor recommends measuring the effectiveness of such outreach. ODJFS is relying on the experience and capability of the vendor to outline the most successful approach(es) to driving customers to a website, understanding that this is a new website, and how to best gauge outreach success. 2) The goal of the outreach is to target both urban and rural areas in Ohio to determine effectiveness. Due to the limited budget, the four areas chosen represent each of those targets. A vendor may recommend, within the budget, a larger scale outreach (i.e., geographically) that could include additional areas of the state if the vendor considers it the most effective approach. 3) Yes. Vendors are to include such items as the cost of buying advertising for radio, newspaper, billboards, theater ads, web ads and television into the $45,000 budget.

Date: 9/8/2010

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