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OJI Extended Benefits_Information Technology Consultant Services
Document #:  JFSR1011108066

Question:   Page 5 and page 6 of 26 under Desirable Qualifications conflicts with page 19, 20 and 21(evaluation criteria table). If we do not have desirable experience do we disqualify?

Answer:   The Desirable Qualification criteria was erroneously omitted from the scoring sheets on pages 19,20, and 21 of the RLB. The Desirable Qualification of “Previous experience in Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) development roles” applies to both the Senior Programmer/Analyst and Senior System Data Analysts positions and five (5) points will be added to the total score of those individuals who have this documented development experience. The Desirable Qualification of “Previous experience in Ohio Job Insurance (OJI) testing roles” applies to the Senior System Testing Analyst position and five (5) points will be added to the total score of those individuals who have this documented testing experience. The lack of this desirable experience does not disqualify any candidate from consideration.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20323

Question:   Q No 1 Are these positions new or extension/renewal of the existing contract? Q no 2 How many candidates could be submitted for these requirement? Nick Thanks

Answer:   1. These positions are new and not considered extensions/renewals. 2. Each vendor is limited to the submission of up to three (3) candidates for each of the three (3) positions as stated with in the RLB (Senior Programmer/Analyst, Senior System Data Analyst, and Senior System Testing Analyst. Each candidate will be scored separately and ranked in descending order based on their total score.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20313

Question:   I see that this posting is for MBE firms only. Do Edge certified companies qualify as well?

Answer:   The RLB requests that certified MBE firms only with a valid STS can submit a response.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20306

Question:   1. Are/Were there incumbents? If so Which Vendor? 2. Previous OJI experience is mentioned in the Desirable Qualifications section of the RLB and in the same document, in Page 19 it is mentioned "If the vendor or candidate earned a score of “0” for any of the above criteria, the vendor or candidate may be disqualified". Can we submit consultants with no prior OJI experience

Answer:   1. Yes. There are incumbents. The positions are being re-bid and all vendors are reviewed using the same criteria and incumbency is irrelevant. All bids must meet the qualification of the MBE status. We do not provide vendor names during the bid process. 2. Yes. Bids are accepted for candidates without prior OJI experience.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20305

Question:   Are there people currently in the requested roles and if so are they eligible to be retained through the new contract?

Answer:   There are individuals currently in these roles whose contract ends on 6/30/10 and they can be re-bid for the new contract by the same or different vendors as long as the vendors are MBE as stated in the RLB. All bids will be reviewed using the same criteria as detailed in the RLB.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20298

Question:   can we submit minority candidates even if we are not a mbe firm?

Answer:   No. You must be a certified MBE vendor with a valid STS to respond to this RLB. If you do not have the above mentioned, your bid will be disqualified.

Date: 6/21/2010

Inquiry: 20296


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