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Employment and Income Verification Services
Document #:  JFSR2223178218

Question:   4.1.B - Who at the State will authenticate access requests? Does each of the 88 counties have a designated approver? Can the State please elaborate on the expected access request process? 6.2.C.2 - The State is mandating that respondents not include any proprietary information within proposal submissions. However, in section 4.2.J, you are asking vendors to "provide screen shots of the portal screens and data returns". These screen shots would therefore include proprietary work product, the release of which could damage a vendors competitive position. Can the State please clarify the process for vendors to submit redacted information, such as visuals of proprietary technology? How much is the State currently paying for employment and income verification services under your existing contract?

Answer:   ODJFS will provide a list of names, emails, and other identifiers to be agreed upon by the vendor and JFS, to the vendor to grant access to their web portal. JFS will require each county to have a central point of contact who will also act as a webmanager/coordinator for that county agency. That person will be a county employee with a government email address. The access request process will be negotiated with the vendor based on the minimum criteria contained in the RFP and the answer above. Vendors are suggested to share and/or provide the State any information that is free of trade secret. Please see section 5.5 on page 18 for addition information. The cumulative contract value for this work was $12,267,301.00 for State Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021.

Date: 7/20/2021

Inquiry: 87966

Question:   Can Ohio explain the reason for the projected significant increase in transactions for the future years ? Does Ohio expect to conduct Reassessment processes post PHE or is there another explanation?

Answer:   ODJFS based these numbers on historical increases in county usages and number of successful hits with current vendor's application/system.

Date: 7/19/2021

Inquiry: 87969

Question:   Attachment C, Sections 5.6(A), (B), and 6.1. Model Contract Various pages: Upon review, it appears some language possibly conflicts regarding the requirements surrounding how the model contract is to be included in the document. Language in Sections 5.6(A), (B), and 6.1 state a respondent may, and should, make proposed changes to the model contract as desired to include in its response. However, Phase I of Attachment C - Scoring, indicates that a respondent could potentially be disqualified for making, or failing to make, proposed changes. Will a respondent be disqualified for proposing changes to the model contract, clarifications, or exceptions in their response? Attachment B Model Contract Pg. 56: Should a respondent’s signed model contract incorporate any proposed redlines, exceptions, or clarifications - if so permitted - or should any proposed redlines, exceptions, or clarifications be submitted separately for a signed copy of the original model contract in Attachment B? Attachment B Model Contract Pg. 56: Shall ODJFS interpret and consider the partially signed copy of the model contract to be binding on a respondent and the first signature needed to create a contract between the parties or does such signature serve as an attestation that the respondent has read and understands the various terms and conditions which may be applicable should respondent receive the contract award?

Answer:   Respondents will not be disqualified from scoring if they propose changes to the model contract, clarifications, or exceptions in their response. A respondent’s signed model contract may incorporate any proposed redlines, exceptions, or clarifications. Signature serves as an attestation that the respondent has read and understands the various terms and conditions which may be applicable should respondent receive the contract award. It is not the final binding agreement.

Date: 7/15/2021

Inquiry: 87953

Question:   3.2.C Org Experience and Capabilities pg 6: The vendor must provide a statement that they have the ability to bring the system online in time for the provision of services on November 1, 2021. Is it the state’s desire that the vendor system already be developed and implemented in production for other customers? 3.2G Scope of Work pg 6: The state requests samples of similarly sized contracts presently held that demonstrate expertise in the areas outlined in the scope of work. Can the state confirm contracts must be for similarly sized income and employment verification solutions proposed by the vendor delivering the required data described in section 4.1E of the scope of work? 4.1.E Scope of Work pg 7: If the vendor is not able to provide one or more of the required data elements in this requirement will the state deem their solution as non-compliant? 4.1.H Scope of Work pg 8: The state requests that the vendor maintain a database of at least twenty-five hundred (2,500) national and local employers for which employment verification is available. Over the period of the contract does the state expect the vendor to illustrate the ability to achieve material growth in the number of employers available through their service? 4.1.J Scope of Work pg 8: Maintain a database of at least one million (1,000,000) employment and income records that is available for ODJFS to access. Does the state require the Vendor to have this amount of “active” employment and income records? Attachment C Proposal Acceptance Criteria pg 62: The Acceptance Criteria states that the vendor submit as part of the proposal in a separate, appropriately labeled, and sealed envelope. Due to this requirement, can the proposal be submitted electronically as outlined on the procurement site. Evaluation of Cost Proposal Phase III pg 67: Can the state further clarify how the ‘Cost per Point Score’ in the Phase III total is calculated? 4.3 Specification of deliverables pg 11: Does the ODJFS have key performance indicators in which to be measured for optimal performance and outcome measures (e.g., Response times, historical records, risk indicators) 3.2.B Organizational experience and capabilities pg 6: How will ODJFS determine that verifications can be completed within seconds based on the current workload? Cost Proposal pg 27: Can the state provide the estimated cost to complete a verification when income and employment data is not provided from an electronic employer based database? 5.6A Contractual Requirements pg 18: Please confirm “Attachment B” is the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Contract for Services C-2223-00-0000 Recitals.

Answer:   3.2.C - Yes the system must be developed and ready for use by November 1, 2021, see Section 4.1.A. 3.2.G - The applicant must demonstrate that meet the requirements of section. 4.1.E - The vendor must meet the scope as stated in section 4 of the RFP. Please see the attached scoring sheet and section 7 to understand the scoring methodology. 4.1.H - The RFP lays out minimum requirements. Growing of the vendors database is a business decision left up to the vendor. 4.1.J - Yes. Yes, please submit proposals in accordance with the filedrop submission process by the RFP closing date. Cost scores will be evaluated per the evaluation criterion on pg 60 of the PDF RFP document. 4.3 - Please review section 4.3 of the RFP. Subsections E through H. Applicants should review “Service Levels” in same section starting on Page 12. 3.2.B - The state will review applicant's proposal to determine the time it takes the applicant’s system to display data in the portal. See section 3.2 F. Cost Proposal pg 27 - The applicant shall provide an estimate of their costs to the ODJFS. The applicant should review the requirements of the RFP, specifically as those contained in Section 4. of the RFP That is accurate. Attachment B is the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Contract for Services C-2223-00-0000 Recital.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87922

Question:   How is the scope of work as outlined in this RFP being performed today?

Answer:   Currently ODJFS has a contract with a vendor to provide these services to our agency and its partners.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87942

Question:   Is the work being done electronically, or by paper?

Answer:   The work is being performed electronically.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87943

Question:   What is / are the requirement(s) for employers to provide this information?

Answer:   The vendor should already have a process in place to collect employer information. ODJFS is not providing the information, methodology or process.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87944

Question:   How many employers are providing this information as of today and in what formats?

Answer:   The vendor should already have a process in place to collect employer information. ODJFS is not providing the information, methodology or process.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87945

Question:   Section 3.2.a states that, "The vendor must provide a statement that they are able to produce both single inquiry requests for employment and income verifications to over nine thousand (9,000) users with over twenty thousand (20,000) daily requests on an ongoing basis..." while section 4.1.b states that, Provide approximately three hundred (300) users with a secure unique user ID and password. Additional users must be able to be added (or have a password reset) without cost to ODJFS. Additional users must be given access within two (2) working days from the time the request is made to the selected vendor. What is the difference in the word users as it being used between both sections cited above?

Answer:   Users are defined as individual persons accessing the system to use the information in the system. Users listed in Section 4.1b is for state and county staff that will access the selected vendor's system through a web portal.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87946

Question:   How current does the requested information prescribed under the respective SOW need to be?

Answer:   Expection is within 60 days.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87947

Question:   If this RFP targeted toward Payroll Processing Companies? And who is performing this work today?

Answer:   ODJFS is seeking a vendor who can perform the work outlined in Section 4 of the RFP.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87948

Question:   What are the current source(s) of the information being sought under this RFP?

Answer:   ODJFS currently contracts with a vendor to provide services including the source of information.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87949

Question:   30 days for responses due seems like a tight turnaround, would the State consider an extension with respect to the due date for responses?

Answer:   The State will not consider an extension at this time.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87950

Question:   How many different systems are involved with performing this work?

Answer:   The State will access only one system. The vendor may have other sources of information and systems.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87951

Question:   What is the source of the weekly payroll information?

Answer:   The vendor should have existing processes in place to provide weekly payroll information.

Date: 7/14/2021

Inquiry: 87952


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