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State Term Schedule (STS) - CUBS Administrator and Developer
Document #:  AGO-ITS22279

Question:   1.In the RFQ document it says that the AGO office is using CUBS as their collection tool. But also, CUBS stands for a company name (Columbia Ultimate Business Systems) that has been acquired by Ontario Systems. Is there any specific module name or application name for the system that you are planning to upgrade?

2. There is a good overlap of responsibilities between Admin and Dev roles. We are wondering if you envision having 1 Admin and 2 Dev roles?

3. Are all candidates required to work from the AGO office or can a candidate work remotely (During and after COVID)

Answer:   1. AGO is using CUBS 2007, and the plan is to have the staff upgrade it to 2018.

2. Envisioning minimum staffing would be 1 Admin and 1 Dev roles; maximum staffing is 1 Admin and 2 Dev roles.

3. All staffing will be remote.

Date: 5/24/2021

Inquiry: 85147


Inquiry period ended:  5/25/2021 8:00:00 AM