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DODD Microsoft Systems Applications RFP
Document #:  0A1304

Question:   Given the IDA nature of this contract, can the MBE Utilization Plan and quarterly audit requirement be satisfied if the Utilization is accomplished over the lifetime of the contract? For example, one IDA may be 50% MBE, while others may be more/less. If the quarterly report shows no utilization for a single IDA, will the vendor be considered out of compliance?

Answer:   Since the agency is required to meet a quarterly MBE goal, the contractor is required to meet their requirement on a quarterly basis as well, not over the lifetime of the contract.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84880

Question:   Is DODD expecting the vendor to upload all the .net app to Azure Cloud as part of this project or Are we supposed to support this applications wherever they are On-premise or cloud?

Answer:   DODD intends to move legacy .net applications to Azure and the selected vendor may assist with that activity. The selected vendor will be expected to support the .net applications wherever they reside. Some legacy .net applications may be recreated as Salesforce solutions.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84857

Question:   The individual for this addon are new individuals or existing individuals managed by DODD ?

Answer:   Both new and existing individuals.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84856

Question:   What is OMES? (it is part of DODD, is it CRM or any other system)?

Answer:   OMES is the Department of Medicaid's new system, it stands for Ohio Medicaid Enterprise System.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84853

Question:   Is assessment of eligibility for individual and facility will be done in the IBSRAO system?

Answer:   No there are other assessments, this tool is used for the individuals who has intensive behavior.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84852

Question:   Can you please clarify the 40,000 authorized users and 30 user roles? We are assuming to have that number of "authorized users" it include some sort of external access users being licensed?

Answer:   Yes these are all authorized users and external resources will be licensed if they are accessing salesforce or D365 apps.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84847

Question:   Can the state please extend the submission deadline by 1 week?

Answer:   Yes, the submission deadline will be extended one week. An addendum will be issued with the updated date.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84846

Question:   Can we get the request volumes for each Priority level (1,2,3) for 2020 that were handled by the support team?

Answer:   Tickets all entered by end users will be in low priority, after doing the analysis we categorize the priority and fix the bugs. all requests will be handled by support team but categorize will be done by DODD.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84844

Question:   Can you provide a breakdown of incident volumes according to their severity levels (Sev1, Sev2, Sev3) for 2020? Do you have any volume data on when incidents were submitted (looking for information on % occurring during business hours vs. off hours) In the volumes given they were labeled as Tier 1-4--confirming that is referencing the resource levels that worked the incidents and the hours spent?

Answer:   This data is not currently available but can be accessed once contract is awarded.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84841

Question:   IBSRAO Project: Does MYPORTAL already have support for a provider to authenticate/authorize to the application? IBSRAO Project: The IBSRAO was estimated as a "Small" effort which is ~500 hours. What is the basis for the estimate? Can that be shared? IBSRAO Project: How many Quarterly reports will be required? What technology is currently being used for Reporting? IBSRAO Project: How many Annual reports will be required? What technology is currently being used for Reporting? IBSRAO Project: Are there webservices implemented today, if so what technology?

Answer:   Providers and provider employees access myportal to access IBSRAO data. currently it does not have any reports and there is no webservices. Due to the timing of the release of the RFP and the target due date for the ISBRAO project, DODD does not anticipate the selected vendor will participate in the ISBRAO project. There are numerous other candidate projects for consideration with the selected vendor.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84816

Question:   Please confirm: If the Primary Offeror is also a State of Ohio Certified MBE, for scoring purposes will the percentage completed by the Primary Offeror be added to the MBE sub percentage for Total Project cost allocation?

Answer:   Correct, all work performed by State of Ohio Certified MBEs should be included.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84838

Question:   This is regarding reference checks. RFP states - "As part of the State’s determination of an offeror’s responsibility, the State may conduct reference checks to verify and validate the offeror’s and its proposed candidates’ and subcontractors’ past performance." Like State of Ohio, our clients like their privacy. By providing their contact details, client contact information will become public. Is it possible for not to provide the client contact information as part of the RFP response? Instead, we will facilitate the calls with clients or provide client contact information when requested separately.

Answer:   Please see Part Three: General Instructions for information on submitting redacted copies of the proposal.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84806

Question:   This is regarding MBE Embedded Solicitation requirement. RFP states - "Utilize a competitive process to which only Ohio certified MBEs may respond." We have a process of evaluating MBEs on annual basis. Can we qualify the appropriate MBE on the basis of this process?

Answer:   Please include a description of the MBE evaluation process as part of the response.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84805

Question:   Where do we submit the total price for the managed services support scope? Attachment Eleven has the rate card comparison for the 8 key roles in the table--where do we respond with our support staffing recommendations and price?

Answer:   Only the items listed in the SOW Cost Table in Attachment Eleven require a total price. The Evaluated Rate Card Table will also be scored. Please see "Evaluation Scoring Formula" In Attachment One for scoring information.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84803

Question:   Can you provide some sizing/complexity information for the 75 applications the RFP is asking to be documented from a business and technical perspective? The inventory list does not give any information related to size/complexity which will drive the duration and resourcing requirements.

Answer:   All D365 applications are more than 10,000+ lines of code and they are used by all end users. .net apps like MSS, MAIS, EIDS ,myportal ,security are more than 10,000+ lines of code

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84799

Question:   For managed services support--how will the partner receive the incidents if we are not allowed to use the States instance of ServiceNow? (This was stated as not being decided yet in the call)

Answer:   We will either permit access to Service Now or extract Service Now ticket information and share it with the support vendor team. This is still to be determined.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84798

Question:   Can you provide a breakdown of your Tier1-4 incidents referenced in the RFP for 2020? If not, can you provide the volume of Tier 1 incidents for 2020? Can we also get a list of the top 10 applications as it relates to the volume of incidents logged in 2020 and how many incidents were logged against those top 10 apps?

Answer:   Total tickets that were addressed by tier 3 are 1036 and we spent almost 15,540 hours of development only total tickets from tier 1 to tier 4 - 5000+ LOC,RDS, Imagine IS, EIDS, CBCR, DDP, MSS, PSM, AAI, ITS,RMN, OTS, FPF, CTS, UIR,mylearning, security, PASRR, PA, ECS, IAF, MAIS, CBDX,my portal An Addendum will be issued to update the listing in the RFP document.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84797

Question:   Regarding the answer provided on the Contractor on call policy--it stated it only applies to employees which is confusing if it is a contractor policy. For the managed services support scope, is it acceptable to staff resources for the stated 8am to 5pm US workday and provide on call access for Tier 1 incidents during off hours to meet the 24X7 coverage requirement?

Answer:   On-call: The State's on-call policy actually puts a bargaining unit state employee into a paid status to be on-call. This is not applicable to contract employees. As stated in the RFP, 24x7 coverage is required. Support staff should be readily available during the stated business hours and reachable via an on-call process for off-hours support. This is not exclusive to Tier 1 incidents, it is applicable for any support incident that should arise outside of ""normal business hours"".

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84796

Question:   What is Multi System youth? Is this system is used by another department? On which platform MSY system is?

Answer:   What is Multi System youth? - MSY are children who require services from more than one child serving system, including Job and Family - Children Services, DODD, Mental Health and Addiction and Juvenile Justice. Each of the systems above provide services to multi-system youth and their families and for some youth , these individual services meet their clinical needs. We call it IBSRAO - intensive behavior support Rate add-on.

Is this system is used by another department? - the data is not shared from our system but the individuals information is shared in other agencies.

On which platform MSY system is? - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Date: 5/3/2021

Inquiry: 84778

Question:   The following questions and responses are from the Pre-Proposal Conference held on 04/26/21 (4 of 5):

Answer:   Can you share the current incumbents supporting these applications? and would there be any preference for them? State Staff and Knowledge Service Time and Material resources currently support the applications.

Are they on D365 Cloud Customer Essentials or a prior version of MS CRM? We currently use consumer cloud service

What Azure support is required for the run environment? Can we get an inventory of Azure resources and number of instances? Need Number of Instances and Azure Resources. Currently we have the FPF and OTS applications are in Azure.

Will the managed services support resources be licensed to use your ServiceNow instance? This will be determined during onboarding process and applied from the State of Ohio ServiceNow instance as necessary.

Is your service desk internal or outsourced? Hybrid, Outsource Call Center for the Help Desk and Internal Staff currently Triage the tickets

For source control, it looks like a mixture of TFS and Azure DevOps. What % of the applications are in Azure DevOps and are there plans to migrate them all to Azure DevOps? All Applications are in Azure DevOps

Are the 8 SLAs identified in Section 6.2 the Managed Services SLAs? Yes

Do you anticipate the submission date changing? Not currently

For the .NET applications, what versions are being used? What development language(s) are currently supported? Above 4.0 .net framework, C#, MVC

Will there be DODD resources dedicated to the project? Specifically application SMEs/developers during the documentation phase? DODD resources will provide information in the initial phase when contractor is onboarding. Specific SME expertise should be gained through the documentation phase of the project to fully support the applications.

Who classifies/sets Severity and Priority--the user or the service desk? The Service Desk sets priority according to the Standard ITIL definitions.

Do those ticket counts include incidents and requests (is there a breakdown)? Count is for tickets only. All development work related to maintenance and minor enhancements is received as incidents.

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83709

Question:   In todays confrence and in the RFP Document it was mentioned that the Managed service scope includes 24X7 support. Can we get "contractor on call" policy document

Answer:   The current policy applies to employees only at this time.

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83702

Question:   The following questions and responses are from the Pre-Proposal Conference held on 04/26/21 (1 of 5):

Answer:   What is the number of environments needed to support? 5 (Dev, QA, UAT, TRN, PROD)

Are there any data migration efforts expected as part of this engagement? Yes, some projects may have data migration efforts.

Who is migrating the applications to Azure PaaS and is there a schedule for the migration? This effort has been placed on hold at this time and will be reevaluated at a future date.

For the test analyst position are state and federal experience mandatory? This is a scored experience question

Azure is the choice? or you also looking at AWS too? Azure currently

On-site production support, 24X7X365 for DODD Microsoft Systems Applications, confirming resources would need to be physically on site or would just remote access suffice? Follow the state model - currently offsite until further notice.

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83712

Question:   The following questions and responses are from the Pre-Proposal Conference held on 04/26/21 (2 of 5):

Answer:   Confirming the scope of the managed services support to include only incidents? So requests are in scope for all 75? Incidents and minor changes are included in the managed services support.

For the MITS application, what does External mean? DODD interfaces with the MITS application. MITS is an external application to DODD.

Does the DODD leverage both Tableu and Power BI? Yes

There was mention of Snowflake in the documentation are you migrating to that? Snowflake may be a potential in the future scope of work projects.

Any specific security or compliance requirements that could impact Azure implementations? All security is cleared through our State CISO and should be included in your response on Supplement 3.

Would the BI related apps and data be part of the scope of this RFP? BI will be in house and not a part of this effort initially, may be a part of future.

Is there an express route between your existing data centers and Azure? Yes

Does a DR strategy exist for all 75 applications? Disaster Recovery Efforts are underway

Approximately how large (range) is the current support team for the 75 apps 30 Developers, 8 PMs, 8 BAs, 6 Testers

What is the number of testers? 6

Are the 30 developers contractors or staff Both - 13 state staff, 24 contractors

Are BI related apps and data is part of scope of RFP? BI will be in house and not a part of this effort initially, may be a part of the future.

For the .NET applications are you using a CI/CD strategy? Yes

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83711

Question:   The following questions and responses are from the Pre-Proposal Conference held on 04/26/21 (3 of 5):

Answer:   Is there a hard cutover of all the 75 apps managed services with contract award? Vendor to propose the cutover date.

For the .NET applications, what development language(s) (e.g. C#) are currently supported? C#, .net and MVC

Is there a budget approved and can you say what that is? DODD is not at liberty to share the budget for this contract.

What are the required support hours coverage? 24X7X365? 24X7X365

What version of Dynamics CRM is deployed? Is there a list of Model Driven Apps that are in use? Can these be provided? (Along with their intended use if they're custom.) D365 UCI . all apps in D365 we built are model driven apps

Will the 75 apps managed services be on a time & material basis? Please refer to the Cost Summary in the main RFP document

What version of SharePoint is currently deployed? SharePoint Online

When will you post the answers in writing to today's questions? By Tuesday 4/27

What type of documentation exists today for the 75 MSFT applications? Limited documentation exists for the applications today, some Systems Analysis Design documents, and some workflow diagrams exists. Those will be shared upon award.

Do you have any size (LOC/forms etc) related information for these 75 applications? Lines of Code, number of screens, integrations, DB sizing, etc. These details do not exist in documentation form today and will need to be captured as part of the process.

What is the driver behind going to a managed services model from the way you are doing today with internal staff and staff through Knowledge Services? The driver behind going to the managed services model is to provide support for the existing 75 applications while the internal team is able to focus on Salesforce applications.

Does the documentation provide a solution/integration blueprint? Limited documentation exists for the applications today, some Systems Analysis Design documents, and some workflow diagrams exists. Those will be shared upon award.

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83710

Question:   The following questions and responses are from the Pre-Proposal Conference held on 04/26/21 (5 of 5):

Answer:   Will a future project involve taking apps to the cloud? D365 apps are on customer cloud service. Future project may involve taking non D365 to the cloud. To be determined at a future date.

How much of support is on-site vs remote? This contract will follow the current state staff status on working onsite / remote. At this time, DODD is continuing to work remote.

There was mention of an apps assessment being done and it was to be provided on this call--has that been completed and will it be provided? The apps assessment has not been completed and will not be available.

Do you plan to move your all you Dynamics apps to SalesForce One application is being developed in Salesforce for the Ohio Individual Service Plan and three other procurements are underway for Salesforce. We are evaluating the applications and will make decisions based upon the application function as to timing of moving to Salesforce.

What are the plans for moving apps to salesforce One application is being developed in Salesforce for the Ohio Individual Service Plan and three other procurements are underway for Salesforce. We are evaluating the applications and will make decisions based upon the application function as to timing of moving to Salesforce.

Will the vendor assist with the migration to Salesforce? The awarded vendor of this contract may assist with integration or various efforts as related to Salesforce under future projects.

The support volumes provided in the RFP--were those numbers only representing L2 and L3 volumes? The support numbers in the RFP were Tier 1-4 volumes.

Does this RFP allow for a teaming agreement where we could subcontract out part of the work? Yes, there is specific language referencing subcontractors in the RFP

How many CRM deployments are there? How many users by deployment, Any languages beyond English. Are they on premise or cloud? # CRM deployments: Only English deployments in cloud.

Will you consider offshore staff if data is not accessible by offshore staff An exception would have to be requested for offshore staff

Will you evaluate the vendor based on their Salesforce experience. The criteria for vendor evaluation are listed in the RFP main document

Date: 4/27/2021

Inquiry: 83708

Question:   Appreciate if you can let us know if there is a tel dial in option for 1 pm pre proposal conference today

Answer:   There is an option for dial-in (please see below), however please note that we are requesting any questions during the conference be submitted via chat within the Teams meeting. Join with a video conferencing device 682042763@t.plcm.vc Video Conference ID: 112 750 062 9 Or call in (audio only) +1 614-721-2972,,118842758# United States, Columbus Phone Conference ID: 118 842 758#

Date: 4/26/2021

Inquiry: 83689

Question:   We could not access the Cost Proposal Workbook mentioned under Section 25. (Page#47) Could you please share the Cost Proposal Workbook in an exact format.

Answer:   The Cost Proposal Workbook was incorporated into the Cost Summary (Attachment 11, page 130) and the reference to the Cost Proposal Workbook was inadvertently left in the RFP document. Proposals should include the Cost Summary as a separate sealed document.

Date: 4/23/2021

Inquiry: 83624


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