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New Telephone System at Emergency Management Agency
Document #:  RFP 21-103

Question:   Please confirm if it is acceptable to submit responses to ODPS/EMA electronically via email, and if so, are there any file size limits? Thank you.

Answer:   Yes, Proposals can be submitted electronically via email to vltran@dps.ohio.gov File size limit to 30 megabytes.

Date: 5/13/2021

Inquiry: 84976

Question:   Attachment 1-Survey and backup, of all current set-ups/configurations of PBX/voice mail, including its’ current features, licensing requirements, trunk data, dialing plans, 911 service, and all other associated capabilities. Question: We assume this is in reference to providing the above information on the new system being proposed? Please confirm or clarify

Answer:   Yes to your point of new system. In addition we would need a survey of all current set-ups/configurations of PBX/voice mail, including its' current features, licensing requirements, trunk data, dialing plans, 911 service, and all other associated capabilities, to make sure we are not losing any capabilities/features that we need.

Date: 5/7/2021

Inquiry: 84863

Question:   For the Spectrallink wireless phones, do you want to continue use it on the new PBX or want new wireless phone system to replace it. If want to reuse, can you give us some more details on how it working right now? So we can judge what should be included in the new PBX to let them working together.

Answer:   New system with at least 4 hand sets.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84811

Question:   For the hardware maintenance, do you need same business day replacement or next business day replacement?

Answer:   Same business day.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84810

Question:   Do you provide VMWare for the new PBX to be installed on if new PBX can run on VMWare?

Answer:   We require an on-prem solution. We would need to see what requirements the PBX needs before we can answer this question about VMWare

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84809

Question:   Do you have valid PASS or PASS+ maintenance contract with Avaya?

Answer:   No.

Date: 5/5/2021

Inquiry: 84808

Question:   Please confirm who at EMA would be the contact for the Site Survey Request and what is the process to go onsite to do a high level Site Survey?

Answer:   Please submit all requests to Vi Tran email: vltran@dps.ohio.gov

Date: 5/4/2021

Inquiry: 84786

Question:   Please confirm if an electronic bid submission with blue ink signature in pdf format on the cover letter is acceptable.

Answer:   Yes

Date: 5/3/2021

Inquiry: 84776

Question:   Its difficult to discern the number of telephones-- Total digital Phones (to be replaced): Total analog sets (replaced or will you re-use them?):

Answer:   450 digital sets at least 8 line devices Note: we also have 28 phones with 29 total add-on modules 35 add-on modules would suffice for a bit of stock. 90 stations (analog ports needed) reusing devices We currently have the following trunks: 46 B and 2 D channel trunks from Dublin CO (2-ISDN PRI’s) 46 B and 2 D channel trunks from Columbus CO (2-ISDN PRI’s) 23 B and 1 D channel trunk from Dublin CO for Highway Patrol (1-ISDN-PRI) 6 DID trunks (incoming trunk) for Highway Patrol D6 upstairs 4 COT (outgoing trunk) for Highway Patrol Dispatch downstairs 4 COT (incoming trunk) for Highway Patrol Dispatch downstairs 1 PAG (paging trunk) for building page 1 Incoming and outgoing private COT trunk route (currently 14 member route)

Date: 4/30/2021

Inquiry: 84767

Question:   Will you be accepting multiple responses from the same vendor?

Answer:   Yes, as long as the solutions are different.

Date: 4/30/2021

Inquiry: 84756

Question:   Scope of Work Section 1 General Requirements 3nd Bullet:  Replacement of current digital phone sets (e.g. M3904, M2616) with new sets compatible with new system. (note: we will be reusing our current analog sets). o NEC Question: How many total Multiline Desktop phones are needed?  o NEC Question: How many Feature/Line appearances buttons are required?  M3904- Appears to have 12 Line buttons and is a self-labeling set with soft keys  M2616- supports 16 feature/line keys

Answer:   450 multiline phones at least 8 line devices Note: we also have 28 phones with 29 total add-on modules 35 add-on modules would suffice for a bit of stock.

Date: 4/30/2021

Inquiry: 84755

Question:   We know that you want an on premise PBX and that you do not want the phones (VOIP) to work on the state data network. Your RFP says you want the phones to work on the existing voice cabling. If we could get VOIP phones to work on the existing voice cables without performance issues and without having VoIP on the data network, would you accept a RFP response based on this configuration?

Answer:   EMA is not interested in VoIP phones.

Date: 4/28/2021

Inquiry: 83696

Question:   I understand that there is no interest in a hosted VoIP solution, my question is am i able to quote an onsite PBX utilizing VoIP telephones and a seperate voice network from the current data network?

Answer:   No

Date: 4/28/2021

Inquiry: 83687

Question:   • Is removal of old system required?  Do you require any cables to be removed under the computer floor and from 110 blocks on the wall?  Do you require any equipment to be removed from the wall as well? ( power fail transfer, 110 blocks, jumpers, or spectralink controller? )  Where will the equipment need to be taken? How far is this from the current telco room? Will it need to be transported by vehicle or is it at the same address? • Will a battery backup of any kind be required? • Is rackspace available or will a rack or cabinet need to be provided as part of this RFP?  If a rack or cabinet is provided, will there be 2 separate 20 amp receptacles available for PDU connection? • Can we provide a data switch for call server and voicemail server connections or will IT provide us with a switch or switchports configured in a separate VLAN? • Spectralink phones were found in the Telco room. How many handsets do you require? Can floorplans of the building be provided to provide proper coverage for new cordless phones?  The new base stations will need to connect to the data network the call servers reside on. Do you see this being a problem?  If cabling is needed to the base stations, will the customer perform cabling within the building or will the vendor be required to run cabling to base stations? • Is an after hours or weekend cutover required? • For remote support a VPN connection may be required. Can ODPS provide this type of connection?

Answer:   1.YES 2. NO 3. NO 4. EQUIPMENT WOULD BE PUT INTO STORAGE HERE AND THEN WILL BE SALVAGED PER OUR DISPOSAL POLICIES 5. NO WE HAVE A BUILDING UPS 6. RACK/CABINET NEEDS TO BE PROVIDED. 7. YES 8. YES 9. 4 / YES 10. NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR QUESTION. OUR SPEC REQUIRES REUSE OF EXISTING CABLING/CONNECTIONS. 11. OUR SPEC REQUIRES REUSE OF EXISTING CABLING/CONNECTIONS 12. YES 13.Remote support via VPN – ODPS does not allow a vendor to connect into its environment unescorted. However we do have a product that can facilitate vendor access – Bomgar. Bomgar allows an ODPS employee, say Eddie for example, to generate a Bomgar remote session invite that would be sent to the vendor. Upon connecting to the Bomgar session, the vendor would see Eddie’s desktop. Eddie could then connect from his machine to the phone system with the vendor viewing that and directing Eddie what to do or Eddie could grant keyboard and mouse control to the vendor for them to drive while Eddie watches. The moral of the story is that we don’t want external entities connecting to our network at will and accessing our protected resource networks.

Date: 4/28/2021

Inquiry: 83688

Question:   Would ODPS/EMA consider any other procurement vehicle such as GSA as an alternative to Supplement 1 - ODPS Terms and Conditions? Thank you.

Answer:   No.

Date: 4/26/2021

Inquiry: 83637

Question:   Given that the inquiry period ends May 12, 2021 at 8am and 3 business day response, we respectfully request to extend the RFP opening date to May 21, 2021 at 3pm est to allow time to factor inquiry responses into the proposal. Thank you.

Answer:   EMA will extend the RFP opening to May 21, 2021. An addendum will be posted with the revised schedule.

Date: 4/26/2021

Inquiry: 83636

Question:   In follow-up to the discuss during the 4/21 Site Visit/Conference call, would EMA consider IP phones as an alternative to digital phones? Thank you.

Answer:   No.

Date: 4/26/2021

Inquiry: 83635

Question:   Will you be updating the RFP with addendum to capture all the changes?

Answer:   DPS will provide an addendum to capture the conference call Q&A's

Date: 4/26/2021

Inquiry: 83631

Question:   Question 1: The RFP mentions ACD requirements, but in the States response to one of the Q&A inquiries, the output from existing Nortel PBX shows 100 ACD Agents Available and 0 in use. So is true ACD required? Appears its not in use currently. Question 2: RFP shows 330 voice seats + 110 desktop seats (total of 440). However, in the States response to one of the Q&A inquires, it reflects 478 traditional telephones in use. I am trying to understand the discrepancy? Can the State also explain the difference between current voice seats vs desktop seats? Question 3: RFP mentions re-using existing analog phones. How many analog phones are there on the current PBX? Question 4: In the States response to one of the Q&A inquiries, it mentions VOIP is not something that will be considered because its not on-prem. There are many on-prem VOIP solutions. Is an on-prem VOIP solution something that the State will consider? Question 5: Is there Ethernet (Cat 5 or better) run to each location where a phone will be needed (not including analog phones)?

Answer:   1: They are currently not in use, but we need the capability (we can probably discuss whether or not we need/want that capability or not). 2: The first part of the question is referring to our voice mail capabilities, such as voice mail boxes capacity. The desktop seats is for the ability for us to retrieve voice mail via our email system (we can probably discuss whether or not we need/want that capability or not). The 478 are the actual number of phones configured (analog and digital) 3: 110; various fax, alarms, and multiple other uses/systems that require analog. 4: No 5: Yes

Date: 4/22/2021

Inquiry: 83539

Question:   Please confirm if there is an Avaya SEID available that can be shared. Thank you.

Answer:   This is a legacy Nortel CS 1000 MG PBX not an Avaya PBX. Please clarify if additional information is required.

Date: 4/16/2021

Inquiry: 83530

Question:   Good morning, My name is Scott Bungard and I work for an IT company located in Ohio who is interested in bidding on a phone system to replace your Avaya phone system. I would be curious to know if you would be interested in a Voice-over IP phone system which doesnt require an in-house server to run the system and works over the internet ? Or would you only be looking for a PBX system we offer both. Also, can you confirm you have 330 voice seats and only 110 phones ? Thank you and look forward to working with you.

Answer:   Ohio EMA is not interested in a VoIP system. We require a PBX system that can be managed and maintained on premises. The current Call Pilot 201i V 5.0 voice mail Network Message Service (NMS) has 330 voice seats, 20 voice channels, 110 desktop seats, 100 fax seats, and 4 fax channels with NMS features. New system must maintain the minimum of these capabilities. Below is a screenshot of PBX w/built phones, remaining available, and total number of licenses for reference. ld 11 SL1000 MEM AVAIL: (U/P): 49894567 USED U P: 1530567 187535 TOT: 51612669 DISK SPACE NEEDED: 318 KBYTES TRADITIONAL TELEPHONES AVAIL: 138 USED: 478 TOT: 616 IP USERS AVAIL: 24 USED: 16 TOT: 40 BASIC IP USERS AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 TEMPORARY IP USERS AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 ACD AGENTS AVAIL: 100 USED: 0 TOT: 100 MOBILE EXTENSIONS AVAIL: 17 USED: 3 TOT: 20 TELEPHONY SERVICES AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 CONVERGED MOBILE USERS AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 NORTEL SIP LINES AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 THIRD PARTY SIP LINES AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 PCA AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 AST AVAIL: 1 USED: 0 TOT: 1 SIP CONVERGED DESKTOPS AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 SIP CTI TR87 AVAIL: 0 USED: 0 TOT: 0 TNS AVAIL: 32030 USED: 730 TOT: 32760 DATA PORTS AVAIL: 32760 USED: 0 TOT: 32760

Date: 4/14/2021

Inquiry: 83515

Question:   Will Ohio Department of Public Safety consider a hosted voice solution?

Answer:   Ohio EMA is not interested in a hosted voice solution such VoIP.

Date: 4/13/2021

Inquiry: 83502


Inquiry period ended:  5/12/2021 8:00:00 AM