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Windows Server Migration 2008 Lotus Notes
Document #:  MHA17375

Question:   Hello Procurement Team, I want to thank you for answering my previous questions. Please answer few more questions 1. What is the date of the last time fixup was run on all NSFs? 2. What is the expiration date of the SSL certificates? 3. Are databases full-text indexed? Thanks. -PK

Answer:   1. The list migration several years ago. Fixup is only done on an as needed basis. 2. Saturday‎, ‎July‎ ‎16‎, ‎2022 3. Most are Maybe 80:20 rule.

Date: 4/9/2021

Inquiry: 83461

Question:   Hello Procurement Team, We would like to better understand the scope of work with respect to this RFP and need some help from you. Please answer the following questions at the earliest so that we can submit our best offer for this RFP. We appreciate your help. Thanks. -Pawan Khatri, Director, eBusiness Solutions, Inc. How many Domino servers (DPARs) are running on the Windows 2008 machine today? What Domino version are these servers? Do the servers run DAOS (Domino Attachment and Object Service)? Do end-users get their primary email from these servers? How many NSF (Notes database files) comprise the application(s) to be migrated? What is the total size in GB of all the NSF files to be migrated? Do the applications integrate with any third-party programs, eg. MS Office, Crystal Reports, RDBMS, etc? Has the Department written the test scripts? Will the Department perform the testing? Does the application pass the testing today? Are the applications accessed from Notes clients, web browsers, or mobile devices? Are the applications accessed 24x7? Will the Department provide Consultant with non-expired "Full Access Administration" Notes user ID and password? Will the Department provide Consultant with Windows "Administrator" credentials to both current and new Windows servers? Will the Department provide Consultant with VPN access to Departments network? Can the new Windows server use the same IP address as the previous one? Will the Department perform any required network changes, eg. firewall, DNS? Will the Department set up anti-virus and Domino-aware backups for the new Windows server?

Answer:   1. 5 2. 9.0.1 FP6 (n=4) 8.5.3 (n=1) 3. No 4. No- just SMTP outbound 5. ~1,400 6. Around 58 GIG 7. No 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Yes 11. Notes Clients (about 5%) Web Clients (95%) Mobile (0%) 12.Yes 13. Yes 14. Yes 15. Yes 16. Well be setup with new IPs 17. Yes 18. Yes

Date: 4/2/2021

Inquiry: 83442


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