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Consultative Services-Participant Direction
Document #:  DMR-RFP-MDD-90

Question:   Page 4 of the RFP refers to work group meetings and town hall meetings. Question: Can DODD provide an estimate for the number and length of work group meetings and town hall meetings?

Answer:   DODD in anticipating 4 workgroup meetings, lasting up to 2 hours and 5 town halls.

Date: 3/2/2021

Inquiry: 83163

Question:   Page 4, Section IV Scope of Work and Deliverables - states that the work will include reviewing DODD’s existing participant-directed services and financial management services contract and assisting DODD staff with the development of a draft framework for the role of a financial management service in the new waiver. Question: As the role of the Contractor is that of providing Consultative Services, and all decisions regarding Financial Management Services would be made solely by DODD, can DODD confirm that it would not be a conflict of interest for the Contractor to bid, and if selected provide Financial Management Services under any future procurement?

Answer:   It is the responsibility of the contractor/applicant to determine if they have a conflict of interest. They can do so by consulting private counsel or the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Date: 3/1/2021

Inquiry: 83162

Question:   Does acting as the consultant on this contract present any future conflicts of interest related to acting as a Financial Management Services provider for these self directed waivers?

Answer:   Inquiries are limited to the scope and application of the pending RFP. For concerns or questions about a conflict of interest, you can seek advice of private legal counsel and/or the Ohio Ethics Counsel.

Date: 2/26/2021

Inquiry: 83133

Question:   Page One of the RFP states Proposals Due: March 5, 2021 at 2:00 pm. However Procure Ohio lists the opening date as 3/2/21. Can DODD confirm that the proposal is due 3/5/21?

Answer:   The Proposal due date: March 5, 2021 at 2:00 pm Procure Ohio has been updated.

Date: 2/23/2021

Inquiry: 83098


Inquiry period ended:  3/1/2021 8:00:00 AM