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MARCS Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
Document #:  OITRFQ-FY21-015

Question:   Could you please define "Vendor must be able to respond to all Warranty issue within 4hrs for the entirety of the 5 yr Warranty" -Is the 4 hr. response time expected 24/7? Example, if the warranty issue is submitted at 1:00AM on a Sunday, is the expected response time before 5:00AMon that Sunday?

Answer:   Yes, MARCS is a 24/7/365 operation that handles 1st responderís communications.

Date: 2/4/2021

Inquiry: 82987

Question:   - Do you have a centralized shipping location? - Does the receiving location has a loading dock? - Is the engineer performing the replacement ask to bring the new equipment on site the day of install or will the replacement unit be staged close to the currently installed equipment. - Who is responsible for the recycling of the old equipment?

Answer:   1. Yes if the bidder wants to ship them to one place. 2. Yes 3. The successful bidder will be responsible to bring the new equipment to the respective site when they install it. 4. The successful bidder will remove and dispose of the equipment per Ohio law. Please note an existing state contract is a requirement.

Date: 2/1/2021

Inquiry: 82976


Inquiry period ended:  2/5/2021 8:00:00 AM