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I.P. Promise - Pitch X Series
Document #:  DASRFQ-FY21-012

Question:   Happy New Year! (Resubmitting- I sent this in Saturday but don’t see it in the Q&A queue) I am inquiring about the expectations in the RFQ regarding the hosting of events. The term "event" is used in several ways without a consistent or clear definition, especially as it relates to the expectation of the vendor vs. the state. Please confirm that I have these assumptions correct: An event, whenever one is held, is when a pre-recorded talk is shown, NOT recorded. The talks are expected to be recorded in a closed-audience environment (a lab, studio, office). Second, it is unclear if you are expecting the vendor to bid on, assume or outline costs associated with any events since you state they may be "virtual or in-person." Can it be assumed the state will be responsible for assuming hard costs associated with "in person" events such as room rental, food, beverage, invitations, marketing, etc? If the vendor is responsible, please detail out your expectations of the exact venue, # of people to attend, type of event (appetizers vs. a sit down meal vs. a buffet, eg). Third, you state that only faculty members can be coached (3 members for each of the 7 events - total of 21). Can it be affirmed that duo-talks will not be allowed? (2 people talking on one video?). And does the RFQ restrict a non-faculty member from being considered in the competition? (ie a staff member or grad student who may not be teaching faculty but central to an innovation?). Fourth, you state that the graphic design must be in line with the standards of the state, but later you state the website will be the InnovateOhio Platform website. Can you clarify if the state has a graphic artist and web development / manager already with this site that the vendor will consult with - or are you expecting the vendor to bring these skills and manage certain pages within the site? Im trying to determine where the costs will reside. Lastly, it is unclear how the program will be promoted. Is it the vendors responsibility to build a distribution list of interested names or does the state have one? Does the state want the vendor to manage social media channels as a part of the program or do they have resources to do that? Thank you. -- RUTH MILLIGAN Founder | Managing Director Executive Communication Coach and Trainer ruth@articulationinc.com 614-348-0760 (voice/text) www.linkedin.com/in/ruthmilligan KIM GOLDSMITH Client Services Director kim@articulationinc.com 614-507-2170 (voice/text) ar•tic•u•la•tion LEADING WITH STORY www.articulationinc.com

Answer:   Please see answers in link below. https://procure.ohio.gov/pdf/Answers.Inquiry.82718.pdf

Date: 1/6/2021

Inquiry: 82784


Inquiry period ended:  1/6/2021 8:00:00 AM