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Ohio Department of Insurance IT Assessment and Strategic Plan Project
Document #:  DBINS-20-01-001

Question:   Under Section 3.1, ODI has identified that "The selected Contractor must meet with representative from all divisions within ODI (7-10 individuals) and specifically with designated IT staff (up to 5 individuals) to document the current state and develop a possible future state environment." Is there any interest for ODI to include external customers as part of this IT Assessment and Strategic Plan?

Answer:   There may be some interaction with external entities, such as other state DOI, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and other customers.

Date: 1/28/2020

Inquiry: 70708

Question:   Section "2.3 Project Milestones" on page 3 indicates that the first milestone "Kick off meeting conducted and interviews with ODI staff completed" is due on 2/28/20. Section "3.1 Description of Scope of Work" indicates that the contractor will need to meet with all divisions and IT staff. Since there are 18 divisions, these interviews will require more than one day however, page 14 indicates that the anticipated start date is also 2/28/20. Is it safe to assume that the milestone date is incorrect and that the correct milestone date would be 30 days after the anticipated start date, which would be roughly 3/27/20?

Answer:   That is correct, the date for the Kickoff Meeting and completed ODI staff interviews should be approximately 30 days after award per Section 2.2 Project Schedule. Additionally, on page 3: "Prequalified Contractor proposals must present a timeline based on their experience in this type of project and the expected deliverables defined by ODI."

Date: 1/24/2020

Inquiry: 70678


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