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Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Website Re-design
Document #:  DXDNR-20-01-001

Question:   Is the verbiage "needs-priority" correct to use here since we're asking for a flat project price? How can we get an accurate estimate of pricing if the agency is providing a list of "finish what you can"?" Given the need for "finish what you can" approach, will the agency be open to a fixed price that does not include these scope items? During project execution, the selected contractor can work with the agency to analyze these additional requirements and provide an add-on scope and cost to complete some / all of these items, as mutually agreed.

Answer:   We are requesting that bidder proposals include all of the listed items included in section 3.2.2. The prioritization listing is a development priority, not a desire priority. We are requesting that all of these items be accomplished, but recognize that due to our shortened timeline, we may need to work with the chosen contractor to identify items that can be accomplished by the launch of the site and items that can be accomplished after the initial launch of the new website. It would be useful for vendors to price the contract for the base system with the priority project list included as line items within the total price of the project.

Date: 10/25/2019

Inquiry: 68820

Question:   Under section 3.3.3 Deliverable Acceptance the due dates are all identified as TBD including "Site Implementation in Production". However, there are other references in the SOW that identifies 2/14/2020 as the completion date. Based on scope of this SOW, does ODNR expect the contractor to define the schedule or is there a requirement to complete the website by 2/14/2020. If the requirement is 2/14/2020, does ODNR have any flexibility with this date or is there something driving this completion date.

Answer:   There is a requirement to complete the website by 2/14/2020 with little flexibility. The driver of this date is the current website platform. This is on a Windows 2003 servers which is at end of life in January. In addition, migrating the currently outdated web platform to a newer operating system would be problematic. It is very likely that a “lift and shift” migration would not work without having to do a platform update. Updating the platform would then require many widgets to be reconfigured in order to regain the same previous functionality.

Date: 10/25/2019

Inquiry: 68819

Question:   There are multiple applications in the domain apps.ohiodnr.gov. - Will these applications continue to exist as-is, or will it be necessary to migrate them to the IOP platform? - If they are included for migration to IOP, can details (screenshots / process flows /etc.) and /or descriptions of the functions be provided to assist with sizing this effort?

Answer:   The domain apps.ohiodnr.gov is not included in the migration to IOP.

Date: 10/24/2019

Inquiry: 67816

Question:   Given that RFP #0A1216R to pre-qualify more vendors for IOP projects is currently active, can this solicitation be delayed until more contractors are pre-qualified? We feel this would result in creating a more competitive solicitation.

Answer:   The State will not delay the current projects. These agency projects are time sensitive and any delays would impact the schedules.

Date: 10/23/2019

Inquiry: 67794


Inquiry period ended:  10/25/2019 8:00:00 AM