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Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Website Redesign and Intranet On-Boarding
Document #:  DXPUC-20-01-001

Question:   WEBSITE - In the current website you have ESRI maps. Is the scope to A) move the maps as they are or B) is the vendor expected to rebuild them?

Answer:   Move as they are. We simply use the embed code from ESRI and stick it in the HTML source code for the body of the page. Example: https://www.puco.ohio.gov/utility-maps/electric-maps/electric-government-aggregator-interactive-map/

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67811

Question:   The PUCO intranet site is not accessible but is in scope for this project. Can we get additional information around this intranet to assist in sizing the effort to migrate to MyOhio? e.g. screenshots, details of the features and functions of the intranet, etc.

Answer:   See the screenshot link below for the content management system: http://procure.ohio.gov/pdf/DXPUC-20-01-001 screencaps.pdf

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67815

Question:   The PUCO Community domain provides a login functionality (https://community.puco.ohio.gov/s/login/?startURL=%2Fs%2F&ec=302). Is this login feature in scope for the project? If it is, can we get additional information around this feature? e.g. screenshots, details of the features and functions of this restricted access section, etc.

Answer:   This is to a Salesforce application and is out of scope.

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67814

Question:   GENERAL - In the Attachment 1 section of the RFP you have provided a list with 4 different categories 1.-INSIDER (Intranet) 2.- PUCO, OPSB, ANY OTHER PUBLIC SITES 3.- Plugins 4.- Coldfusion Mail Cache. In the RFP there is only one reference to the Attachment 1 --"The current site(s) and content: puco.ohio.gov opsb.ohio.gov, Intranet See Attachment 1 for list of sites and specific pages."-- QUESTION: What is the purpose of the Attachment 1 list? Is the scope to A) recreate the listed apps/plugins B) migrate them to IOP? C) apps/plugins will remain in current environment and will just be referenced as a link or iframe from new website D) Other -please elaborate NOTE: Access to INTRANET urls is unavailable to public, there is a mention of a site map but is not provided.

Answer:   The purpose is to show all the data connections the PUCO currently has on these web sites. Pursue option A.

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67812

Question:   WEBSITE - There are no references in the RFP to community.puco.ohio.gov, however there is a login page and a self registration page. Can you confirm these are out of scope? or if in scope, what is the expectation? (example: this is just a link. Or you expect to have the full login form recreated. Or the vendor is expected to recreate everything under community.puco.ohio.gov)

Answer:   This is out of scope.

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67810

Question:   WEBSITE - Regarding "Create front-end and proxy component to present regulated orgs", at a very high-level there are 2 aspects to this type of functionality, A) the components that create and serve the data from the external source and B) the components that consume and present the data in the new website. Is the scope of the vendor only B)? or is the vendor expected to also modify/create components from A) too?

Answer:   The vendor is expected to create both A & B if A is not available.

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67809

Question:   INTRANET - 1) Is there approval from myOhio to add the News Clip feature to the platform instead of using the systems News features? And if so, 2) could you describe the requirements of the feature or direct to where we can see a similar feature to estimate the effort. Example: What is the source, news in myOhio or external content? will it require its own workflow? What are the distribution channels expected to be supported(email, rss feeds, etc) Is the archive accessible to the general audience or only administrators? What are the administration tools/features expected? 3) If you are not able to describe the requirements for the feature, how is the vendor expected to estimate the effort for this feature?

Answer:   1) Yes, there is approval by myOhio. This will become part of the platform. This will be a custom component created within the IOP platform. 2) part a - screenshot link below 2) part b - Distribution channels - email 2) part c - Archive, accessible to everyone 2) part d - Administration tools - ability to send and publish email (see news clip portion of screenshot link below) http://procure.ohio.gov/pdf/DXPUC-20-01-001 screencaps.pdf

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67808

Question:   INTRANET - 1) Is the vendor expected to migrate content from the existing intranet to myOhio? If the answer is yes 2) Could you provide an inventory (example: total number of pages and files and type of files to be migrated) of the current content and current sitemap to assess required effort? 3) If you are unable to provide inventory and sitemap, how is the vendor expected to estimate the effort? - NOTE: URLS provided in RFP are not accesible to the public

Answer:   No, the vendor's main focus is to map PUCO content into IOP structure. See attached screenshots of current content management system (Intranet content) here: http://procure.ohio.gov/pdf/DXPUC-20-01-001 screencaps.pdf

Date: 10/28/2019

Inquiry: 67807

Question:   Given that RFP #0A1216R to pre-qualify more vendors for IOP projects is currently active, can this solicitation be delayed until more contractors are pre-qualified? We feel this would result in creating a more competitive solicitation.

Answer:   The State will not delay the current projects. These agency projects are time sensitive and any delays would impact the schedules.

Date: 10/23/2019

Inquiry: 67793


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