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Nursing Facility Rate Setting RFP
Document #:  ODMR20210004

Question:   RFP Section 6. Proposal Format and Structure Subsections 6.4. Cost Proposal Requirements & 6.5 Proposal Submission Page Numbers 19 & 20 The RFP language on p. 19 states, “The Cost Proposal must contain one original and one electronic copy (CD-ROM)…” The RFP language on p.20 states, “The CD-ROM containing the cost proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope containing the original hardcopy cost proposal, and the two photocopies.” Can the ODM please clarify how many hard copies of the cost proposal should be included in the sealed envelope?

Answer:   Please include for the Cost Proposal one original, one photocopy, and one electronic copy (CD-ROM).

Date: 10/24/2019

Inquiry: 66608

Question:   RFP Section 1. Purpose Subsection 1.1 General Overview Page Number 4 The RFP language states, “it is critical that the suppliers do not provide the same or similar services to NF providers and are independent from the nursing facility provider industry” Does this requirement apply only to suppliers who provide these services within the State of Ohio, or does it apply more broadly to suppliers who serve the industry in other states, as well?

Answer:   To avoid any conflict of interest, the intent is to have a Contractor that is independent from the Nursing Facility provider industry regardless of the state for which services were provided

Date: 9/24/2019

Inquiry: 66609


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