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Document #:  OOD IT-2020-01

Question:   I have a few questions regarding the scope of work. 1. Who will be controlling the installation schedule? Meaning can we plan on visiting a particular geographical area and perform work at multiple sites in that area? this can greatly affect the pricing on this project. 2. May we offer a Leviton Lifetime warranted solution instead of Hubbell? 3. Will this project require prevailing wages?

Answer:   1. This is not one major project, but possibly several projects over the stated time. The installations will be determined by the needs of the various offices, potential office remodels or moves. 2. Hubbell is preferable since we have Hubbell parts in stock, but Leviton will be considered if discussed prior to installation begins and parts are compatible with Hubbell. 3. Yes.

Date: 8/21/2019

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