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OhioMeansJobs.com Website Redesign
Document #:  DXJFS-20-01-001

Question:   Please confirm that the cost information to be provided at this time for this proposal only includes the Phase I activities and deliverables. The Phase II costs will be identified and negotiated near the completion of the Phase I activities.

Answer:   That is correct.

Date: 8/6/2019

Inquiry: 65093

Question:   Does Ohiomeansjob.com source content from job boards in addition to Monster?

Answer:   Yes. OhioMeansJobs.com utilizes a job aggregator that indexes on our behalf along with jobs currently posted to OhioMeansJobs.

Date: 8/2/2019

Inquiry: 65062

Question:   What third-party integrations does ohiomeansjobs.com use (e.g., Monster and the chat tool currently on the site)?

Answer:   The application has many integration points with different providers. The following is a list, but not limited to: Job Aggregator Monster Training Center Interview Tool Assessments Occupational Data Chat Employer Registration Scholarship Workforce Case Management System (WIOA State system) OHID Resume Rating/Scoring Secure ODRC website Unemployment Insurance (State system)

Date: 8/2/2019

Inquiry: 65063

Question:   Are the job postings from third-party sites such as FashionJobs.com and Career Builder that are returned in ohiomeansjobs.com search results the output of an integrated application that would need refreshed on a regular basis?

Answer:   Yes. OhioMeansJobs.com currently utilizes a job aggregator to index job opportunities and via API displays real-time updates. Data is refreshed constantly.

Date: 8/2/2019

Inquiry: 65064

Question:   Hello Team, 'Company name removed', can we submit our response for the RFP DXJFS-20-01-001.

Answer:   No, only the Contractors listed on the first page can submit Proposals.

Date: 7/26/2019

Inquiry: 64976

Question:   the procurement states: ONLY prequalified contractors are eligible to submit proposal responses AND to submit inquiries. does this prequlification refer to the DBITS prequalification?

Answer:   No, this is Contract 0A1216 for pre-qualified ODX Contractors. See the first page foe additional information.

Date: 7/26/2019

Inquiry: 64974


Inquiry period ended:  8/15/2019 8:00:00 AM