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Ohio Department of Aging Website Re-platform
Document #:  DXAGE-19-01-002

Question:   On the current ODA Intranet, aside from the Social Media (Twitter feed) is there any other content that is generated from a Feed, external Database or dynamically based on rules? Example:Today on the ODA intranet the coloring on the policies’ status is dynamically set based on a value the authors select on the current content management system. If the answer is yes, then which are those content items, where are they coming from and/or how are they generated today?

Answer:   No. All of the content of the current intranet is static content and hard-coded in HTML – we do not have content management system for the intranet. No content is dynamically generated.

Date: 5/8/2019

Inquiry: 61486

Question:   Are the links on these sections of the current ODA Intranet a) one level depth links? b) two or more levels of depth links? Appendix-1-Doing-Business-1 Appendix-1-Doing-Business-2 Appendix-1-Career-Development Appendix-1-Reading-Room

Answer:   We are not held to the existing structure of the site, but rather are interested in new strategies to effectively provide the following resources to staff:
• Directory of staff, consultants, and interns with contact info
• Directory of key stakeholder staff (AAA directors and staff) with contact info
• Director of available resources (floor map, meeting rooms, van, etc.)
• Division descriptions and tables of organization
• Policies
• Forms and templates
• How-to resources
• Reference materials (stakeholder lists, acronyms, style guides, etc.)
• A news feed with the ability to post and share timely articles, announcements, and a calendar of events.

Date: 5/8/2019

Inquiry: 61485

Question:   Currently the myOhio Intranet Platform does not provide functionality for: *On-screen Social Media feeds - Appendix-1-Homepage *Policy status highlighted by color - Appendix-1-Doing-Business-1 Is adding these features to the ODA Intranet site in myOhio part of the scope?

Answer:   No, this is not a required feature.

Date: 5/8/2019

Inquiry: 61484


Inquiry period ended:  5/13/2019 8:00:00 AM