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Hardware and Software Asset Management System
Document #:  ODMR18191028

Question:   How many physical addresses are these assets housed at (ie, are they all under one roof.)? Can you go into detail how you currently account for these assets? Do you execute a manual count once a week, once a Month, once a Quarter, etc.?

Answer:   The majority of the assets are located in one primary location and a small list of assets exist in a different location. We perform a semi-annual inventory of all assets.

Date: 4/30/2019

Inquiry: 61348

Question:   Do we have to respond to this RFI in order to respond to the potential upcoming RFP ?

Answer:   No.

Date: 4/30/2019

Inquiry: 61373

Question:   ello, My name is James I work for a company named Oxcyon. I would like to have my company considered for this project. We are based out of Middleburg Heights Ohio,and are also prepared to stand up a working prototype (POC) at no cost to you. I also wanted to see if there was a possibility to Schedule an online meeting with you to show you the POC as well as give you access after the demonstration? Sorry this may not be how you do business currently, but we just like to eliminate the risk for potential clients that are in the market. Best Regards, James P Kekic (440)239-8613 jkekic@oxcyon.com

Answer:   Thank you for your interest in the ODM RFI. The RFI is for ODM to gather information about potential solutions and products that exist. To submit a response to this RFI, please see Section V. ODM is not ready for demonstrations now. At some point in the future, if ODM determines that the agency needs to see the proposed solution, we will request a demonstration at that point.

Date: 4/25/2019

Inquiry: 60324


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