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Ohio Third Frontier Broadbank Development Grants
Document #:  DEVTEC1901

Question:   Has the independent reviewer been selected yet?

Answer:   Yes. The evaluator for this opportunity is Invantage Group. No communication should occur with the evaluator regarding this opportunity.

Date: 12/13/2018

Inquiry: 57957

Question:   Does the grant agreement get submitted with our application?

Answer:   No, the grant agreement will be drafted and sent after an award(s) are made.

Date: 12/13/2018

Inquiry: 57956

Question:   Is the Grant Agreement to be apart of the 15 Page Application?

Answer:   No, the grant agreement is not part of the 15-page application limit.

Date: 12/13/2018

Inquiry: 57955

Question:   Mr. Shaw, Please see our questions in reference to BDG RFP below, which are also included on the attached: 1. Section 3.1 General Instructions indicates that Appendix D – Qualifications and Company Information shall be submitted in Excel (.xlsx) format. The Appendix D provided with the RFP is simply a cover page, is there meant to be a template form with fields for specific content to be captured in the form? 2. On page 6 of the RFP / Section 3.1.2 Page Limitations, are the 3 required appendices B, D and E to be counted in the 15 page limit? Additionally, is the required budget narrative to accompany appendix E to be counted in the 15 page limit? 3. On page 7 of the RFP / 3.3. Order and Content of Proposal Sections, the instructions specify Appendix B to serve as the first proposal section and for Appendix E to be included in the 3.3.4 Budget section. In which section is the required Appendix D to be included? 4. Regarding Appendix F – Form of Grant Agreement, is the grant agreement included as reference only or is the applicant expected to complete any portion of the agreement and return with the response? 5. On page 8 of the RFP / Section 3.3.4 Budget, it states that “the Applicant is to provide a detailed budget and related explanations that are consistent with the level of resources being requested. In preparing the budget, the Applicant must use the applicable budget forms contained in Appendix E – Budget Forms.” There is only one form in Appendix E, are there other budget forms which were not included in the RFP? Also, is it expected that all budget detail and explanations are to be exclusively included on the Budget Form? Please confirm if budget narrative can be included outside of the form within the Budget section.

Answer:   1. Appendix D needs to be a narrative and doesn’t have to be in an excel format. 2. Yes appendices B,D,E are included in the 15-page limit. 3. First Narrative Element, section 3.3.3 4. The grant agreement is included as reference only. 5. No other budget forms were meant to be included in the RFP. The budget detail ought to be included in the Budget Form, but the budget explanations can be in the narrative. Yes, the budget narrative can be included outside of the form within the Budget section.

Date: 12/13/2018

Inquiry: 57954


Inquiry period ended:  12/17/2018 8:00:00 AM