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Employee Business Services Modernization Project
Document #:  JFSR1819048139

Question:   To help in providing a cost estimate we have questions around the user counts. What are the anticipated total number of internal users that will require access to the solution? How many internal ODJFS employees will be using the application in a “processing requests” capacity? For example, are the same users going to be handling employee cases as well as providing asset management? For each external audience (clients, service providers, county agencies and citizens), how many potential users are in each?

Answer:   All of ODJFS - From a BCR and EOD perspective, we solely expect internal JFS users have the ability to submit discrimination and ADA complaints as well as view case management updates. - 450 For Civil Rights, there will be approximately 6 members actively processing requests. No - There will be different users are handling employee cases, discrimination cases, asset management, etc. - 10 We do not for see any external users having access to the solution; however we would like external users to have the ability to submit documentation and receive notifications. - County request through portal

Date: 8/16/2017

Inquiry: 45920

Question:   Please provide the following information about OEBS users that will use the proposed solution – roles and number of users. Are there any external users (other than OEBS/ ODJFS staff users) that will access the proposed solution? e.g. citizens, businesses etc. Please elaborate on integration requirements of the proposed solution. What is the frequency of data flow – real-time or scheduled batch? Please share the list of systems/software being used by each of the line of business that the solution needs to integrate with. Please confirm that these systems can be integrated using web-services – SOAP or REST APIs. Does ODJFS have a preference for the third-party product for e-signature use cases? e.g. DocuSign. For barcode scanning use case, is there a preferred barcode scanner device to integrate with?

Answer:   Bureau Civil Rights: Admin – 2, Managers – 3, Case Managers: - 6 We do not for see any external users having access to the solution; however we would like external users to have the ability to submit documentation and receive notifications to and from the system respectively. - Counties should be able to request items Real-time - Scheduled Batch Peoplesoft, Microsft Outlook, SCCM, CompuTrace, CentreWare, PeopleSoft, JetAdmin, Lexmark Markvision. No Preference

Date: 8/16/2017

Inquiry: 45940

Question:   The RFI notes that this solution should integrate with several existing statewide systems - will this solution serve the on the ODJFS, or will other Departments use this as well? Would any potential system be eventually administered by in house staff following implementation? Are the various systems that this proposed solution would integrated with (OAKS in particular) based on any specific software? Are these systems maintained in house or by a third party vendor?

Answer:   ODJFS only, Open to either in house or software as service model, OAKS is peoplesoft, OAKS is statewide solution administered by the overarching Department of Administrative Services for the State of Ohio.

Date: 7/28/2017

Inquiry: 45835

Question:   Are the current systems/services that this solution would combine provided by a vendor, or managed in house? Has funding already been secured for the project? If it is decided to pursue this project, is there an estimated spend amount? If the Department elects to pursue this project, is there an anticipated project start date?

Answer:   The current systems are a mixture of both in house and vendor provided Commercial off the shelf software for the systems/services today. Funding discussions for FY18 - FY19 are occurring however the spend amount is not available at this time. The start date is flexible and would be based off an award date.

Date: 7/27/2017

Inquiry: 45832


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