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Organizational Redesign Change Management Consulting Services
Document #:  JFSR1617108137

Question:   Page 9, A. Proposal Organization states the follwoing: Proposal Organization The vendorís proposal must contain the following components (organized in four (4) primary tabs), but lists only two tabs, Tab 1: ATTACHMENT A‐‐Required Vendor Information and Certifications Document and Tab 2: Vendor Qualifications. Please clarify what are the 4 tabs.

Answer:   The listing of four (4) primary tabs on page 9 of the RLB is a typo error. There are actually two (2) tabs (i.e., Attachment A and Vendor Qualifications.

Date: 4/18/2017

Inquiry: 41884

Question:   Under Section I- Purpose The second paragraph states " ODJFS will only accept bids from MBE vendors authorized to provide Business and Corporate Management Consultation services under their approved STS. " Does this mean the Product Code on the MBE STS must have a Business and Corporate Management Consultant" listed?

Answer:   Each MBE vendor can only submit one candidate for consideration. The product code on the referenced MBE STS should list the job title of the quoted candidate in the submitted proposal.

Date: 4/18/2017

Inquiry: 41882

Question:   Is each MBE allowed to submit only one candidate for consideration?

Answer:   Yes, each MBE vendor can only submit one candidate for consideration.

Date: 4/18/2017

Inquiry: 41864


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