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Cable Installation Project
Document #:  JFSR1617108015

Question:   ShawnTech understands that there is not an obligated PO / contract amount however, can JFS provide a rough estimate of the following: - contract value? - # of projects it expects to run concurrently? - # of projects it expects the contractor to complete during the initial contract term?

Answer:   • In the past, we typically have used over $120,000 per Fiscal Year (half labor, half materials), but there is no guarantee that we will do that every year. Jobs can range anywhere from repairing a single network jack to installing cabling for hundreds of cubes or fiber distribution for an entire data center (it varies, depending on what it needed). This work can occur at any of over 200 sites around the State of Ohio. The number of concurrent, and the total number of contracts depends entirely on what is needed at the moment (repairs and/or projects).

Date: 8/30/2016

Inquiry: 39018

Question:   ShawnTech is an Ohio, MBE certified company. In addition, ShawnTech is a dealer of Computer Hardware, Software and IT Services under STS-033, Contract # 534455. Will JFS confirm that ShawnTech qualifies given the requirement to provide Computer Hardware, Software and IT Services under an approved OIT STS. In other words, does Contract #534455 (under STS-033) qualify?

Answer:   IF you are listed as an authorized MBE dealer on the STS you are eligible to submit a response.

Date: 8/30/2016

Inquiry: 39017

Question:   Can we get an excel file of the Appendix A. In addition on appendix A Scenario A and B call for an hourly rate, but Scenario C calls for 80 hours Attachment D request Total labor price, but it ask for the per hour cost. Are you asking for an hourly rate or for the cost of 82 hours? Also it is not clear what needs to be done with pages 24 thru 37. Is this an example or something needs to be done with these pages?

Answer:   Due to our posting requirements (PDF's only), we are unable to provide a Excel Spreadsheet. The vendor is to quote how many hours would be charged for each of these jobs, multiplied by the hourly rate. In Scenario C, it is stated (in Section VI - Scope of Work) that the vendor is to quote 80 hours (40 hours multiplied by two workers). It is a "given" that this hypothetical scenario would take 80 hours, so the bid is asking to quote 80 hours times the vendor's hourly rate for this job. As to pages 24 through 37: This is the ODJFS model contract that gives the vendor the opportunity to review the language, and if awarded, to request any changes to the standard language.

Date: 8/30/2016

Inquiry: 39004

Question:   I do not see any requirements, floor plans, etc that would be necessary to build a bid. Will this information be made available?

Answer:   The technical requirements for building a bid is covered in Section VI - Scope of Work.

Date: 8/30/2016

Inquiry: 38948

Question:   Under format submission (Section VII) Tab 3 Scope of Work indicates “The vendor proposal must include their responses to the activities listed in Section VI of this RLB in Tab 3 of their proposal response: Sub-Tab 3a. Scenario A. Sub-Tab 3b. Scenario BSub-Tab 3c. Scenario C” If You look at Section VI Scope of work, it has description of the scope of work. Not sure what response is requested. Can you clarify what response are you looking for in Tab 3?

Answer:   The vendor must provide all pricing for the following hypothetical scenarios for the necessary labor and materials on Attachment D. No separate scenario worksheet required. Any mathematical errors in the spreadsheet may result in rejection of the bid. Vendors who do not use the MS Excel spreadsheet format specified in this RLB will have their bids disqualified. Pricing for all materials and labor must be at or below STS pricing at the time of installation. Material or labor pricing may change after award of the RLB if the vendor’s STS pricing changes, but the percentage discount off of the STS pricing may not change. If vendors STS pricing does change upward for any item, those items must be discounted at the same percentage rate as bid in this RLB. If it is determined that STS price increases are excessive, ODJFS may decide to rebid this project at any time. ODJFS may also, at its sole discretion, negotiate with the selected vendor for additional price decreases at any time. Any items or materials that vendors believe are necessary for the completion of the project that do not appear on the vendor’s STS must be added to the vendor’s STS prior to submission of a bid or such items may not be charged to ODJFS. No extension time will be granted to allow additional time for the vendor to update their STS beyond the due date of bids to ODJFS. Any miscellaneous items required to complete this project, but not appearing on a STS, cannot and will not be billed to ODJFS. Pricing requested is for labor and materials anywhere within the State of Ohio. There is no reimbursement for travel expenditures incurred. Scenario A A single one hundred (100) foot CAT 5E cable run from the point of termination (existing IDF patch panel) over a drop ceiling to a hard wall office, terminating into a wall mount faceplate. Scenario B A single one hundred (100) foot pre-terminated fiber cable (Corning - G757524TPNDDU100FT) is required to be installed inside a datacenter. Both ends terminated in a CORNING-C EDGE-01U housing with two (2) CORNING-C ECM-UM12-05-93T modules on each end. Scenario C Install and test, in accordance with Appendix A, one hundred (100) duplex Cat5e cable runs (average length of 200 feet) terminating in hard wall office and/or modular furniture in new MDF into a new 4 post rack and three (3) 48 port patch panels. Racks must be bonded and grounded in accordance with ANSI/EIA/TIA 607 standard and local building codes. To be provided by the vendor: (1) 4 post rack and necessary accessories 10 feet 6 gauge grounding wire (3) 48 port Cat5E patch panels (100) 5 foot patch cords (100) 7 foot patch cords This scenario should be based on a total labor charge of 2 installers at 40 hours each; for a total of 80 Man Hours.

Date: 8/25/2016

Inquiry: 39025

Question:   Would like more Info

Answer:   Please click on the pdf document to read the entire RLB and all requirements.

Date: 8/22/2016

Inquiry: 38958


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