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Refugee Targeted Assistance Service Provider
Document #:  JFSR1617178117

Question:   I am unable to open the attached PDF document, please advise. Thank you Maria Teverovsky

Answer:   We will send you the document via e-mail.

Date: 3/14/2016

Inquiry: 37324

Question:   My name is Naser Matar, MBA. I am interested in developing my own business, where i can be able to use my educational and professional experience in helping the refugees coming to the states. Recently, i completed my MBA from the University of Akron in Strategic Marketing, and previously i have completed my Masters in Geography and Urban planning for the University of Akron. Please advise if i can be able to submit an application for this RFP as i am really interested in helping in this field. Thank you Naser Matar, MBA 330-310-0933

Answer:   Applications are being accepted from government entities or non-profit organizations in Cuyahoga, Summit, Franklin, and Hamilton counties with the capabilities and capacity to provide Targeted Assistance Formula Grant (TAG-F) services to the refugee population. Organizations should have the expertise to provide eligible refugees with a range of services that will address the specific unemployment challenges of this population and barriers to their employment such as language, education, and transferable work skills.

Date: 3/14/2016

Inquiry: 37321

Question:   I am new to my position. Does the RFI include requirements for submission of a budget or any financials. if so, what are those requirements? Thank you for the assistance.

Answer:   The RFI does not include a requirement to submit a budget.

Date: 3/9/2016

Inquiry: 37312


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