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GOFBCI: Summer Meals Program Service RFP
Document #:  JFSR1617218112

Question:   I am referring to Section X.E Having read through this I have one question: Why would you want to put instructions on how to have children destroy themselves in the kids backpacks ? Has it not occurred to anyone that these children will most likely read this before giving it to their parents ? I saw some things in here that I had never even thought of but yet you are giving what essentially amounts to directions for self-destruction to kids!! Who does this ? I can understand if this pamphlet was being mailed directly to the parents of these kids, but to place them in a place where the kids would most likely read them first is assenine, and thats being kind. I would revisit the distribution method being pondered about this document. When the lawsuits begin flying who is going to be held responsible because youve given some kids, who may not be mentally stable, yet new avenues to harm themselves ? In my opinion this flyer is going to cause more harm than good, and I dont belive this is your intention. Thanks

Answer:   Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding this Request for Proposal. The Start Talking! Team will take this into consideration. We appreciate your feedback and share in your desire for a successful program.

Date: 3/14/2016

Inquiry: 37300

Question:   Looking to bid on meals for summer food programs

Answer:   Thank you for your interest in this important project. Please access the necessary information/document(s) at https://procure.ohio.gov/proc/viewProcOpps.asp?oppID=12711.

Date: 3/8/2016

Inquiry: 37314

Question:   Section IV 4.2 A 6e Can you give an estimate of how many families applied for the program last year? An estimate is needed to know how many copies of the Talking to Your Kids About Drugs will be needed when a family fills out an application. Do you expect this number to be the same this year? How many sites will the vendor be expected to mail the handouts to before the program begins?

Answer:   While GOFBCI cannot provide you with application data, the Rural Meals Delivery Program provided 25,965 packages and the Summer Weekend Meals Program provided 103,000 packages in the 2015 Summer.

Date: 3/1/2016

Inquiry: 37275

Question:   Section IV 4.2 A 6e I wanted to follow up on the handouts for the Governors Start Talking Program. Can you tell us specify which handout is the one that the parent will receive when they complete the Summer Meal Application. Is this the two sided handout with the title of Talking to Your Kids About Drugs? We are trying to get a count of how many copies will need to be made. So if a handout is put in every bag or box that would require 125,000 copies. In theory another 125,000 copies may be required to be handed out with the applications. These copies would have to be mailed directly to the sites before the program starts in order for them to be distributed with the applications. (Are we correct on this) So there could be a total of 250,000 copies that would need to be made and distributed. We just need clarification so we can determine the total cost of this part of the project.

Answer:   All copies should be in Color. The GOFBCI will provide the vendor with color originals. The hand out titled Talking to Your Kids About Drugs should be duplicated front and back on a single 8 1/2 inch X 11 inch plain white paper and should be handed out to each parent as they sign their child (ren) up for the program. Only 1 copy is necessary per family. When the parents sign up for the program, they should be provided with an opportunity to submit their email address on the untitled form that has a spot for Name/Email/ County Zip Code/ Parent Tips, Teacher Tips so they can receive the bi-weekly Start Talking! Parent Know! Tips directly in their email box. The handouts titled Know! should be duplicated front and back on a single 8 1/2inch x 11 inch plain white paper. The pages are in order in the RFP package; the first and second pages are one tip and should be duplicated front/back, the third and fourth pages are one tip and should be duplicated front/back etc. there are 10 different Know! tips. A different Know! Tip should be placed in each meal package for both the Summer Weekend Meals and Summer Delivery Meals Program. By the time a family has participated in either program for 10 weeks they will have received the Talking to Your Kids About Drugs sheet at sign up and a different Know! Tip each week.

Date: 2/29/2016

Inquiry: 37271

Question:   JFSR1617218112-Summer Meals Program Cost Proposal Form Is it allowable for the vendor to receive a working capital advance for the project?

Answer:   This can be negotiated in the contract.

Date: 2/29/2016

Inquiry: 37269

Question:   JFSR1617218112-Summer Meals Program Cost Proposal Form Is it allowable for the vendor to receive a working capital advance for the project?

Answer:   This can be negotiated in the contract.

Date: 2/29/2016

Inquiry: 37268

Question:   SectionII 2.1 What determines if the contract will be reviewed by the controlling board?

Answer:   The amount of funding requested in the contract; any contract over $50,000 must have Controlling Board approval.

Date: 2/26/2016

Inquiry: 37265

Question:   Section II 2.1 How long will it take for the purchase order to be issued after the contract is approved by the Controlling Board?

Answer:   There is no predetermined timeframe. The PO will be requisitioned immediately following the Controlling Board session and issued by ODJFS as soon as it is available.

Date: 2/26/2016

Inquiry: 37264

Question:   Section 11. 2.1 Will the sites for all programs be determined before the Controlling Board approves the contract?

Answer:   Site selection is a responsibility of the selected vendor in partnership with the GOFBCI. The contract must be approved by the Controlling Board and a Purchase Order in place before any reimbursable work may be completed.

Date: 2/26/2016

Inquiry: 37263

Question:   Section IV 4.2 A 6e Will the sites be required to participate in the Governors Start Talking Program?

Answer:   When a family completes the Summer Delivery Meals Program Application 2016 (Appendix B) or the Summer Weekend Meals Program Application 2016 (Appendix D) they will receive a copy of the Talking to you Kids About Drugs Handout (included in the RFP Package) and they will be provided an opportunity to sign up for the Parent Know! Tips using the Sign-Up Sheet (included in the RFP Package). Children will receive a copy of the Parent Know! Tips (included in the RFP Package) packed into their meal packages each week. Sites are encouraged to participate further by using the tools on the Start Talking! Website at www.starttalking.ohio.gov; however, further participation is not mandatory.

Date: 2/26/2016

Inquiry: 37267


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