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Disability Financial Assistance Program
Document #:  JFS1617178110

Question:   Page 5. Section III Item C. Who/what organization performs residual functional capacity assessments currently? Is it the ODJFS/ODM disability determination area noted on page 4 Section II Step 3? Or is RFC defined by the ODM 07302 and ODM07308 forms completion? Page 7. Section III E. 17. Please describe the role of the vendor vis a vis testimony at hearings, e.g. medical or vocational expertise? How many cases would be likely to require such testimony? Page 4. Section III Steps 1 & 4. Is there an expectation of how many days it takes the county to forward documentation to the vendor from the date of general Medicaid application, as that date is the start of the 65 day clock against which the vendor’s performance is measured? Page 4. Section III Steps 1 & 4. Will documentation forwarded by the county only be submitted to the vendor as a complete package of forms? In the case of incomplete submissions (lacking all required forms or submitting only invalid medical releases), will the vendor be able to close the case and return to the county for re-submission to the vendor until a complete package can be submitted? Page 5. Section III A. 4. What is the composition (i.e. number of staff and type) of the ODJFS disability determination area? Page 6. Section III E. 14. Is scanning collected case documentation into multi-page PDF files an acceptable alternative to multi-page TIFF image files? Page 8. Section IV. I Doesn’t the request for cost information in this section conflict with the guidance on page 2 Section I. to “NOT include ANY trade secret information”?

Answer:   Page 5: The assessments are performed by a vendor with the Ohio Department of Medicaid. The Forms are part of the documentation and intake method not the assessment. Step 3 describes the activities that go into the assessment. Page 7: Currently, state staff at the Department of Medicaid testify at hearings. A decision has not been made on this activity for the future. The Department of Job and Family Services has not finalized a process for hearings yet. Page 4: This process is currently completed by a vendor and not the counties. The county agencies will take back the process under JFS. No expectation has been set yet. Page 4: No. Counties will submit the packet through eQuiL system that will track the completion status of the forms. The system is designed to track deadlines for completion and submission of materials. The rules in the system will govern the closing of a case. Page 5: The Department of Job and Family Services does not have a DDU. The Ohio Department of Medicaid DDU is currently very small consisting a nurse and some clerks. Most of the work is performed by vendors. ODJFS has not settled on the composition of a unit for the DFA process yet. The purpose of this RFQ is to help assist in making these decisions. Page 6: PDF is not always acceptable. TIFF image is a more manageable format for large file sizes. PDF may be used in some limited instances however system limitations such as firewall limits will come into play. Page 8: I don't understand this question. ODJFS is not asking for any proprietary or trade secret information in its cost proposal.

Date: 2/19/2016

Inquiry: 37125

Question:   Page 5. Section III Item C. and Page 8 Section IV. C. In light of the change-over of Ohio from a 209B state to a 1634 state with respect to Medicaid eligibility, how do you expect that this will change the number of Medicaid enrollees in the Disabled category of Medicaid? How many persons will be eligible that were not eligible prior to the change? How many persons who were enrolled prior to the change will not be eligible after the change? Is there a new estimate of the monthly number of disability assessments as a result of the change?

Answer:   The DFA program will be broken out of Medicaid. Our program will exist regardless of the 1634 waiver. It is the expectation of ODJFS that the caseload numbers should decrease from those listed in the RFP because Medicaid will not be part of the processing. We do not anticipate the population to increase. Currently, Medicaid and DFA are handled through the same process. The 1634 waiver will remove Medicaid eligible from process and only leave DFA eligible who are seeking Supplemental Security Income (SSI) determinations. ODJFS has no updated numbers.

Date: 2/9/2016

Inquiry: 37124

Question:   Page 5. Section III Item C. and Page 8 Section IV. C. Please clarify the potential programs and their associated caseloads noted as 7,332 annually and 35,000 respectively. Does this represent separate caseloads for the Disability Financial Assistance (DFA) program vs the Medicaid program? How many DFA cases and how many Medicaid cases will the vendor be required to process on a monthly and annual basis?

Answer:   The numbers are the most accurate numbers ODJFS has. The numbers are a combined total for DFA and Medicaid which are currently not processed differently. The Agency expects the case load to be no equal or less than those estimates. ODJFS has no expectation that Medicaid cases will be part of this. The purpose of the RFQ is to determine a future process and contract for DFA only.

Date: 2/9/2016

Inquiry: 37123

Question:   Section IV. A. If a vendor includes a cover letter as part of their response, will the cover letter count against the 15 page limit?

Answer:   "No the cover letter will not count the limit."

Date: 2/9/2016

Inquiry: 37126

Question:   In the mandatory requirements, you ask that the offeror is a certified partner for salesforce.com. Due to the limited number of organizations that would have 5 years of experience and be a certified partner of Salesforce.com, can the offeror requirements be met by the team and not the prime?

Answer:   Question:"Can the applicant meet the minimum requirements by a combination of vendors and sub-contractors?" Answer: "Yes, however ODJFS will reserve the right to approve any changes in sub-contractors through the life of the contract. If a sub-contractor change is necessary, ODJFS must receive 45 day notice before the expectant change and must approve the change before sub-contractor is dismissed and a new contractor comes aboard." Question:In the mandatory requirements, you ask that the offeror is a certified partner for salesforce.com. Answer:"Salesforce.com has no known impact on this RFI."

Date: 1/27/2016

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