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State Project Director for Behavioral Interventions for Child Support Services
Document #:  JFSR1617098090

Question:   1. Is this a new or existing bid? Meaning is someone currently contracted but the contract is ending or is this bid net new? 2. Do you have a project plan or a BOW (book of work) that can be shared more details about the project goals. 3. Do you have an estimate of hours anticipated for the project? 4. Is there an estimated contract amount?

Answer:   1. This is a new project for ODJFS. 2. RFP Sections 1.2, Background, and 1.4, Objectives of the Project, discuss the work and objectives for both the BICS grantee counties and for the selected Project Director. Further details can be found in the final two sections of the RFP (following the cost proposal form), Appendix A - an excerpt of Ohio’s application for funding and Appendix B - the Federal Opportunity Announcement. Details of the county grantee activities will be dictated by the findings from their investigations over the course of the grant. The Project Director’s, generally, will be to provide project management, coordination, and administrative services in support of the county grantees and in support of the need by ODJFS for oversight of project activities with a goal of meeting all federal requirements for project implementation, documentation and reporting. 3. Some periods of the contract work may be more intense than others, but it is reasonable to assume that, on average, the effort that would be required could be approximately that of one FTE (full-time equivalent). However, interested vendors are to make their own assessment of the work, use their professional expertise in order to determine the level of effort that would be needed to successfully complete this project, and to base their competitive proposal on that. Please note that the selected contractor’s work will not be paid on a per-hourly-rate basis, as explained in RFP Section 4.5, Selected Contractor Compensation Structure. 4. ODJFS will not provide information on funds available for this work; interested vendors are to assess the work and resources needed to successfully complete this project, and use their professional expertise in order to propose a competitive contract amount.

Date: 7/28/2015

Inquiry: 35458

Question:   Please inform me of the process for the MBE certification.

Answer:   Follow either one of the links listed in Section 2.4, Program Resource Library, to the Department of Administrative Services MBE Program for directions on becoming a certified MBE.

Date: 7/28/2015

Inquiry: 35456


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