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Step Up To Quality Validation Study
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Question:   1. What is the definition of high need children? 2. What information do you have regarding unrated programs that will be available to the vendor? 3. Will we have all measures and definition of measures that have been collected for rated programs so we can duplicate with the nonrated programs? 4. Can we have a list of the measures collected to date (with definitions) prior to the proposal due date? 5. Can we have access to the full reports of previous research? 6. How quickly will available data be available to the vendor? 7. Is SSID available for all infants and toddlers? 8. Will JFS provide assistance in getting access to the centers?

Answer:   1.High needs children are defined as those who are English language learners, children with disabilities, and low-income children. 2.Information regarding the number and age of children currently enrolled, including children receiving publicly funded child care will be available. There is not child or program assessment level data available for unrated programs. 3.All measures will be available to the vendor except for the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. However, Kindergarten Readiness Assessment data will be available for children who have exited all types of programs (rated and non-rated). 4.Early Learning Assessment-Formative assessment consisting of Learning Progressions covering 7 domains: Social Foundations, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Well-Being and Motor Development, Fine Arts. Teachers rate observations of everyday routines and activities on each progression using a rubric. Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Kindergarten entry assessment, given one time at kindergarten entry. Mix of observational and direct assessment items. Step Up to Quality verification process forms-Rating tool for our tiered quality rating and improvement system that measures program standards across four domains: Learning and Development, Staff Qualifications and Professional Development, Family and community engagement, administrative practices. Ohio Classroom Observation Tool-Assessment is available in the appendix. 5.The full reports of the previous research are not currently available. 6.Approximately 4 weeks. 7.The SSID is available for infant and toddler children who are participating in the publicly funded child care program. 8.Yes, JFS and the Ohio Department of Education will provide assistance in obtaining access to centers.

Date: 8/3/2015

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