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Economic Study for Child Support Guidelines Review
Document #:  JFSR1415098070

Question:   Thank you for the opportunity to submit questions on this request for proposal. We have three questions. Question 1: This questions concerns Section, 2.1 Anticipated Procurement Timetable on page 3 AND Section 4.3 Specifications of Deliverables on page 8 AND Attachment D (Cost Proposal Form Instructions) on the last page. Please clarify which tasks from Section 4.3 are to occur in SFY 2015 and which are to occur in SFY2016 particularly the Travel indicated in Section 4.3.G. Also, shouldnít Attachment D note SFY 2015 and SFY 2016 rather than SFY 2014 and SFY 2016 to be consistent with the last row of the timetable on page 3. Question 2: Can you provide a WORD copy of the Attachments (i.e., Attachment A: required vendor information and location of business form Attachment C: Model Contract and Attachment D: Cost Proposal Instructions)? Question 3: There are actually three sub-questions pertaining to this. On page 6 of the RFP, it asks for samples of at two similarly sized projects in two places: under 3.1.B (Mandatory Vendor Qualifications) and 3.2.B (Organizational Experience and Capabilities). 3a: Can we use the same samples for both places and just cross-reference? 3b: Please clarify whether ODJFS is expecting a summary of the projects or actual copies of reports that we completed for other clients? 3c: If ODJFS expects the latter (i.e., reports), can we append them to the end of the proposal since they are very long (i.e., over 100 pages) and could distract from other information in the proposal?

Answer:   Answer 1.Per Section 21, a potential exists for a renewal into SFY 2016 (i.e. 7/01/15 to 6/30/2016). The project work is currently expected to be done in SFY 2014 (which ends 6/30/2014) and in SFY 2015 (i.e. 7/01/2014 to 6/30/2015), therefore Attachment D is correct. Vendors are to present a plan for completing all work as described in the RFP (including the deliverables of Section 4.3, G) by the end of SFY 2015. Should any events occur that could justify extending the time frame beyond SFY 2015, ODJFS would then consider a renewal for SFY 2016. Answer 2. Vendors may replicate Attachment D in whatever way is reasonable as long as the per-deliverable costs and per-year, per-biennium, and project grand totals are clearly presented. The model contract should not be returned in vendor proposals unless, as explained in Section 8.6, B, the vendor wishes to request certain changes in the document. In that case, hand-written changes over a printed copy are acceptable. Answer 3. Summaries of projects are to be provided. These summaries should also include a thorough explanation by the vendor of how these past projects indicate the vendorís ability to successfully complete the ODJFS work described in this RFP. If in addition to the summaries the vendor would like to provide some key excerpts from actual reports from past work, that would be placed in Tab 5 of the vendorís proposal, as explained in Section 5.2, A.

Date: 2/21/2014

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Inquiry period ended:  2/20/2014 8:00:00 AM