Procurement Contacts - General Services Division

The "General Contacts" section includes staff who are not assigned to buying areas. The "By Assignment" section includes procurement associates who are assigned to Buying Areas.

General Contacts

Bid DeskGeneral Information614-466-5090Email
Kelly Sanders, CPPB, CPPOChief Procurement Officer614-752-5259Email
Alan Childress, CPPB, CPPOState Purchasing Contracts Manager614-466-4265Email
Randall Dublikar, CPPBState Purchasing Contracts Manager614-387-0046Email
Angie StasiakProcurement Support, Administrative Professional614-466-4764Email
Christina DunlapResearcher/Procurement Support (Records Request)614-466-4299Email
Tonya Prickett, CPPOProcurement Manager614-466-2705Email
Sandy Herrel, CPPB, CPPODeputy Chief Procurement Officer614-466-4768Email
Gayle McDargh, CPPOProcurement Manager614-466-0530Email
James G. Smith JrState Purchasing Assistant614-466-3159Email
Sherri WarnockState Purchasing Assistant614-466-1232Email
Dante TalleyWebsite Maintenance and Support614-728-8486Email
Jessie ScottProcurement Services Clerk614-728-8748Email
Wayne McCulty, CPPODeputy Chief Procurement Officer614-466-7066Email
Marianne MeyerResearcher 2614-466-6953Email
Teresa PurrProcurement Office Manager614-466-5108Email
staci-rae BixlerAnalyst614-995-0058Email

By Assignment

Buying AreaAssociateTitlePhoneEmail
Community Rehabilitation ProgramShavonna NealTraining Officer614-466-4757Email
Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP)Kyle BaileyAnalyst614-387-0211Email
Cooperative Purchasing ProgramRenee HinteCooperative Purchasing Program614-466-6530Email
Cooperative Purchasing ProgramMaureen Studer, CPPBCooperative Purchasing Specialist 614-728-3723Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesJoe AllenContract Analyst614-752-0370Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesShawn CarterContract Analyst614-466-0539Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesTherese Gallego CPPBContract Analyst614-644-9814Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesErica MavisContract Analyst614-466-8928Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesPatrick Means, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-1788Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesJennifer Shaefer, CPPBProcurement Manager614-644-6084Email
Fleet and Misc. ServicesTerri Villavicencio, CPPBContract Analyst614-728-8590Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsGeraldine Berry, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-1790Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsMary-Catherine BrownContract Analyst614-378-8626Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsPeggy Canada, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-1786Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsTodd GableProcurement Manager614-644-8495Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsRosemary ReidPurchasing Assistant614-644-9857Email
Maintenance, Repair & OperationsTerry Spiropoulos, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-6764Email
Will BarrContract Analyst614-728-8748Email
Carol Clingman, CPPBContract Analyst614-752-0032Email
Kristen HowardContract Analyst614-387-0065Email
Kellie Johnson, CPPBProcurement Manager614-466-2282Email
Ross Leider, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-1807Email
Karen MurphyContract Analyst614-466-5172Email
Office / Food David Colopy, CPPBProcurement Manager614-466-4362Email
Office / Food Jennifer Dammeyer, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-6762Email
Office / Food Nikki Erb, CPPBContract Analyst614-466-3461Email
Office / Food Michael EshelmanContract Analyst614-466-6741Email
Office / Food Walter Schneider, CPPBContract Analyst614-644-5151Email
Office / Food Kevin WhiteContract Analyst614-466-4763Email
Office / Food Adam WilliamsonContract Analyst614-466-6746Email
Procurement Preference ProgramsPatrice DavisOutreach Coordinator614-752-9273Email

General Website Help

DAS is offering phone support to assist with general website questions and comments. If your question pertains to an opportunity that is accepting inquiries, please refer to the directions specified in the opportunity document. We encourage you to use the Comments / Questions form to submit your feedback in the event you reach our recording.

Assistance is offered Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM.

Please call toll free 1-888-OHIO-BUY (644-6289) and for the hearing impaired please contact Ohio Relay Services at (800) 750-0750.