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Opportunity Type: Request For Proposal; Opportunity Status: All; Commodity Category: Computers, Software, Supplies & Services;

Title Opportunity
Issued By Market
Document/Bid Number Posted
Audio Visual Upgrade
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Cancelled COM Open N/A COM2019-ADM002 3/8/2019 3/21/2019
Automated Employer Application RFP Cancelled BWC Open N/A 0A1238 2/27/2019 3/27/2019
BWC Robotics Process Automation Solution RFP Under Evaluation BWC Open N/A 0A1240 2/6/2019 3/18/2019
Central Paternity Registry Services RFP Under Evaluation JFS PMBE N/A 0A1255 11/23/2018 1/23/2019
Central Paternity Registry Services RFP Cancelled JFS Open N/A 0A1209 2/26/2018 4/9/2018
County Finance Information System (CFIS) Managed Service and Projects RFP Active JFS Open N/A 0A1237 3/19/2019 4/24/2019
Digital e-Learning Solution Refresh RFP Active DAS Open N/A 0A1257 4/9/2019 5/13/2019
ED Steps RFP Under Evaluation EDU Open N/A 0A1244 11/28/2018 1/11/2019
Environmental Health Data System Integration Project RFP Cancelled DOH Open N/A 0A1205 11/20/2018 2/4/2019
Institutional and professional claim clearing house
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Closed DMH MBE N/A MHA17166 2/22/2019 2/28/2019
JFS Ohio Child Support Payment Kiosk RFP Active JFS Open N/A 0A1224 4/12/2019 5/3/2019
LiveScan System Replacement RFP Awarded DRC Open N/A 0A1263 1/23/2019 2/6/2019
Media Buying for Take Charge Ohio Campaign
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Closed DMH MBE N/A MHA17158 1/30/2019 2/6/2019
Microsoft Agreements and Enrollments Large Solution Providers (LSP) RFP Awarded DAS Open N/A 0A1252 12/13/2018 1/23/2019
ODJFS Child Support Payment Central Refresh RFP RFP Awarded JFS Open N/A 0A1243 9/10/2018 10/26/2018
ODOT Real Estate Right of Way - Electronic Permitting / Outdoor Advertising Control System RFP Under Evaluation DOT Open N/A 0A1223 7/2/2018 8/10/2018
ODPS Remittance Processing Solution RFP Awarded DPS Open N/A 0A1241 10/24/2018 11/30/2018
Ohio Housing Locator
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Active OHFA Open N/A HFA-RFP-19-001 3/1/2019 3/1/2019
Ohio Medicaid Enterprise System (OMES), Provider Network Management RFP RFP Active ODM Open N/A 0A1258 3/1/2019 4/29/2019
Ohio Reservation and Registration System RFP Under Evaluation DNR Open N/A 0A1232 12/21/2018 2/1/2019
Ohio Ryan White All-Parts CAREWare System Project RFP Under Evaluation DOH Open N/A 0A1233 2/14/2019 3/20/2019
Ohio Teacher and Principal Evaluation Credentialing System RFP Under Evaluation EDU Open N/A 0A1259 3/22/2019 4/15/2019
Operational Governance Analysis Services
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Active TOS Open N/A TOSFY19_02 4/10/2019 4/19/2019
SETS Replatform Project RFP RFP Under Evaluation JFS Open N/A 0A1230 9/21/2018 11/16/2018
Web Site Redesign
Not Issued by Procurement Services
RFP Awarded NUR Open N/A NUR-RFQ19-0P 3/21/2019 3/21/2019