Required Pre-Approvals

Before you purchase on behalf of your agency, be sure to obtain any required pre-approvals. Multiple sections of law and policy govern procurement, and there are some instances in which a state agency is required to approve requested purchases before they can be made. These pre-approvals may be needed due to the type of supplies or services being procured, the value of the purchase, or because it involves deviating from normal procedures.

General Goods and Services

For the purchase of general goods and services that are not available on a state contract or a purchase covered by the blanket release and permit issued by the Office of Procurement Services and will cost $25,000 or more, agencies are required to submit a request to purchase to the Office of Procurement Services.

Information Technology

For the purchase of information technology goods and services where the total cost will exceed $25,000, agencies are required to submit a release & permit request, along with justification, through the Office of Information Technology Release & Permit System.

Purchases of IT equipment from Standards Based contracts (e.g. desktops, laptops, remote location servers), hosting or cloud based solutions (IaaS, SaaS) and Microsoft licenses require a release & permit request regardless of total cost.

Printers and Copiers

For the purchase or leasing of all copier and printing equipment, agencies are required to submit requests to purchase to the Office of State Printing and Mail Services.


For the purchase or leasing of automobiles, agencies are required to submit a requisition in OAKS, along with a Vehicle Justification Form . The requisition will be routed to the Office of Fleet Management for approval.