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Information submitted via the inquiry submission process is not secure and your information may be available for public inspection under Ohio law. Consequently, you should avoid submitting sensitive or confidential information. For any questions or other communications regarding a specific request for proposal ("RFP") or invitation to bid ("ITB"), you must follow the procedures contained in the applicable RFP or ITB regarding communications related to that RFP or ITB. The state does not want and will not accept proposals or bids submitted via electronic mail or any other means not authorized in the applicable RFP or ITB. The state is not responsible for incomplete, lost, misdirected, or undelivered transmissions, and the sender is solely responsible for verifying receipt by the state of any transmission.

Not all state RFPs or ITBs are available from this website. Anyone using this site to obtain a copy of an ITB or RFP must check the document(s) received for accuracy and completeness. The state may change this site or discontinue this site at anytime and without notice. Potential offerors and bidders may not rely on the availability of this site or on the error-free operation of this site for any purpose.