Master Maintenance Agreement (MMA) for Non-Information Technology (IT) Products and Services

The decision to enter into or renew an MMA Contract is based upon the State's need for a specific supply or service. Requests to establish a new MMA will only be accepted from an agency through the Request to Purchase process. The Office of Procurement Services will review the request and determine the appropriate method by which to establish a Contract.

An MMA contract may be held by either a manufacturer or a dealer, who can provide service, repair and/or maintenance for equipment with an expired warranty. The offer must include a full explanation of the company's capability and a list of the types and brands of equipment to be serviced. All contractors are required to comply with State and Federal regulations regarding applicable licensure. A new offer package is required, even if your company has an existing or previously held MMA contract.

Non-IT Vendors and Dealers must review the Non-IT STS and MMA Training prior to submitting an offer:

Non-IT MMA Mandatory Training

If your company has been contacted by the Office of Procurement Services, download the instructions and forms needed to initiate an offer to establish an MMA contract:

Instructions for Non-IT MMA Offer

If your company has an existing Non-IT MMA and wishes to update the contract, download the instructions and documents needed for various amendment request processes:

Instructions for Non-IT Amendment Requests