State Term Schedules (STS) for Information Technology (IT) Products and Services

State Term Schedules are established with suppliers of Information Technology products. Schedules are one of many methods to obtain hardware, software and related services. Enterprise Information Technology Contracting (EITC) determines the most appropriate contracting method.

If establishing a new state term schedule is advantageous to the state, EITC will provide contract documents to the supplier to initiate the process. Contract documents are no longer available directly from this web site.

If you have questions or wish to obtain contract documents, please contact:

Department of Administrative Services
Enterprise Information Technology Contracting
30 East Broad Street, 39th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Contract Analyst Contacts:
Jim Sutton, Contract Analyst
Phone: 614-644-8350

Jeff Miller, Contract Analyst
Phone: 614-644-9909

Information technology staff augmentation services are obtained through our it staff augmentation managed services provider.

Contact the Managed Service Provider, Knowledge Services, for process information and contract documents at

Do not submit a state term schedule offer for IT Services or contact Enterprise Information Technology Contracting.

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