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Public Solicitations & Contracts

State Solicitations and Contracts with Search

All public solicitations are now available from OhioBuys. This allows Agencies, Boards and Commissions to develop, publish and award solicitation opportunities, as well as create contracts, from within one solution. Suppliers will have one website to visit to see all solicitations and respond accordingly. Bidders new to the State may also review and respond by registering in OhioBuys

Solicitation search capabilities include:

All state contracts are now available from OhioBuys. Contract search capabilities include:

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Opportunities

To view bid opportunities or contract information for the architectural, engineering and building construction industries, including bid opportunities for the renovation and construction of school facilities in Ohio's school districts, please see the Opportunities page on the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission's website.

Ohio Department of Transportation Opportunities

View opportunities for transportation-related construction, consulting, and services, on the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Contracts website.

Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission Opportunities   

View opportunities for turnpike-related construction, consulting, engineering, and other materials/supplies, on the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission's website.

Additional Small-Scale Construction Opportunities

To locate additional small-scale Construction Opportunities, please select the appropriate commodities on the OhioBuys Public Solicitations page.


For contracts, suppliers can submit change requests to ask for modifications to the existing terms of the agreement when working in OhioBuys. Users will maintain important contract information, such as tracking subcontractors and their payments and reporting revenue share within the contract in OhioBuys. 


For Support: Please contact OBM Shared Services Center

614-338-4781 or 1-877-644-6771



Remember to put “OhioBuys” in the subject line!