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Opportunity Updates

Listed below are procurement opportunities that have been recently updated. You may customize a view by selecting one or more of the options below.
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All Updates for the last 30 days
TitleIssued ByMBEAction DateLatest ActionDocumentView
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State of Ohio Employee Population Health Management Program (PHM)DASNo10/31/2014InquiryCSP900016All Actions
Rod and Reel Spincast Combo Fishing PolesDASYes10/31/2014Under EvaluationOT00908339All Actions
Auctioneer Services for Surplus Vehicles, Simultaneous Live & InternetDASNo10/31/2014InquiryOT903915All Actions
Professional Laundry Services for Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare SystemsDASYes10/31/2014AlertOT00908341All Actions
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Vehicle Registration Renewals and Ordering of Special PlatesNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/31/2014PostedDPS15-102All Actions
Reentry Grants Program ManagerNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/31/2014Under EvaluationDYS1500107COAll Actions
The Ohio State Highway Patrol Bi-Directional Amplier UpgradeNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/31/2014InquiryDPS 15-101All Actions
Upgrade or Replacement of Soil & Water Information Management System (SWIMS) ProgramNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/31/2014InquiryDSWR102014All Actions
Analysis on Changes to the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP) ProgramNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/31/2014InquiryDEV15OCA01All Actions
RFI Ohio Business Gateway ModernizationDASNo10/30/2014InquiryOITRFI003All Actions
Repair & Maintenance: Job Order Contracting DASNo10/30/2014Under EvaluationRS900415All Actions
Respiratory Services FMC and PCINot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/30/2014Under EvaluationDRCP-15-2027All Actions
PERKIN ELMER SPE ZEPHYR WORKSTATIONNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/30/2014Under EvaluationDPS 15-74178All Actions
Website Redevelopment, Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance for DiscoverOhio.comDASNo10/30/2014Under Evaluation0A1141All Actions
Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Building Health Through Integration EvaluationNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/29/2014Under EvaluationDOH FAM-33058All Actions
State Employee Health Benefit Fund AuditDASNo10/29/2014Under EvaluationCSP905115All Actions
Responsible Party Search - FY15Not Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/29/2014AwardedCOM2014-SFM008All Actions
Responsible Party Search Not Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/29/2014AwardedCOM2014-SFM003All Actions
Administration of a Nationally Recognized Job Skill AssessmentDASNo10/28/2014InquiryCSP905615All Actions
MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS PREMIER CAD CLIENT PACKAGENot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/28/2014Under EvaluationDPS 15-73610All Actions
BEMC NOC ModernizationDASNo10/28/2014Inquiry0A1135All Actions
Airfare and Travel Service Procurement for Official BusinessNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/28/2014PostedODM14159009All Actions
Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Healthcare Reform ConsultantDASNo10/28/2014InquiryCSP905415All Actions
New Model Year 2015 or Manufacturers Current Production Model Sport Utility VehiclesDASNo10/27/2014Under EvaluationRS903615All Actions
Marion Correctional Institution Performance ContractNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/27/2014AmendmentDRC-140087All Actions
Law Enforcement Vehicles 2015 Model Year (or Newer)DASNo10/27/2014Under EvaluationRS902915All Actions
State Printing and Mail Services Disaster RecoveryDASNo10/27/2014Under EvaluationOT905215All Actions
Refining & Developing Materials for the Lean Ohio Boot CampDASNo10/27/2014CancelledCSP904915All Actions
Prescription and Adjudication ServicesDASNo10/27/2014AwardedCSP904515All Actions
Online Training Courses/ ModulesNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/27/2014InquiryEDUD201591600All Actions
Optometry Services Procurement Opportunity with The Ohio Department of Youth ServicesNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014InquiryDYS1500108CHAll Actions
Collection, Removal and Disposal of Manure From the Ohio Expo CenterDASYes10/24/2014Under EvaluationOT904915All Actions
Highway Patrol Automobiles, 2015 Model Year (or Newer)DASNo10/24/2014Under EvaluationOT903715All Actions
Uptown Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials Collection ContractNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014PostedWESTCOLLECT14All Actions
Landscape Improvements for Worthington Rd Extension Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014PostedWEST2014005All Actions
Water Treatment Chemicals for 2015Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014PostedWESTWTC2015All Actions
Engine 115 Refurbishment Project Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014PostedWESTENG115All Actions
Electrofishing Boats, Trailers & Associated Equipment – Quantity of 2Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/24/2014Under EvaluationODNR 15-005All Actions
Ohio Department of Health Indirect Cost Determination ServicesNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/23/2014Under EvaluationDOH- OFA- 1All Actions
Statewide Mobile StrategyDASYes10/23/2014Awarded0A1124All Actions
Document Management SystemDASNo10/23/2014Under Evaluation0A1127All Actions
Domestic Water Pump ReplacementNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/22/2014Under EvaluationOPF2015-08All Actions
Digital and Multimedia Content for Agency ProgramsNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/22/2014Under EvaluationDEV15COM01All Actions
GPS Backpack (Turnkey) TransmittersNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/22/2014Under EvaluationODNR 15-007All Actions
Portable TowerDASNo10/22/2014Under EvaluationOB00003023All Actions
OSHP Sierra Wireless Equipment and ServicesDASYes10/22/2014AwardedACQ1019All Actions
FOLIC ACID MOBILE WEB APPLICATIONDASYes10/22/2014CancelledCSP904415All Actions
Housekeeping Services at the Montgomery Developmental CenterDASYes10/21/2014Under EvaluationOT904615All Actions
UNDERWATER ACOUSTIC RECEIVERS – QUANTITY OF 50Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/21/2014Under EvaluationODNR 15-006All Actions
Request for Information - Customer Satisfaction Survey and Metrics SolutionsNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/20/2014Under EvaluationCOM2014-ADM002All Actions
New, Model Year 2015 or Manufacturers Current Production Model, Sport Utility Vehicles and Compact Cargo VanDASNo10/17/2014Under EvaluationRS903315All Actions
New, Model Year 2015 or Manufacturers Current Production Model, Trucks and Cargo VansDASYes10/17/2014Under EvaluationRS903215All Actions
License Plate SteelDASNo10/17/2014AwardedOB00003019All Actions
Distribution Riders ExpertNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/17/2014Under EvaluationOCC 2015-04All Actions
POWERWARE BLADEUPS 3-PHASE RACKMOUNT UPSNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/17/2014Cancelled15-72813All Actions
State Printing and Mail Services Disaster RecoveryDASNo10/16/2014CancelledCSP905015All Actions
MEDIA BUYER SERVICESDASYes10/16/2014AwardedOT903415All Actions
Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS)DASNo10/16/2014PostedRS900016All Actions
GREENWAY BIKE TRAILNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/16/2014PostedDNRT-073All Actions
Marketing Services for the Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation ProgramDASYes10/15/2014Under EvaluationCSP904815All Actions
Complete Mechanical Preventive Equipment Maintenance--Heating and CoolingDASNo10/15/2014Under EvaluationOT904315All Actions
Alum Creek Park North Playground Equipment Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/15/2014Under EvaluationWESTALUMPLAYAll Actions
ODH Healthcare Reform ConsultantDASYes10/14/2014CancelledCSP902315All Actions
Old Woman Creek Estuary Retention and Loading StudyNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014Under EvaluationODNR 15-003All Actions
Return on Equity for Retail Rate Stability Rider ExpertNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014Under EvaluationOCC 2015-05All Actions
DODD Medical DirectorNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014Under EvaluationDODDMD10314All Actions
RFQ for EMR Consulting ServicesNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014Under EvaluationOVHRFQ201401All Actions
Comprehensive Statewide Needs AssessmentNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014Under EvaluationOOD DPI-2015-01All Actions
Retail Rate Stability Rider Economic Impact ExpertNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/14/2014AmendmentOCC 2015-02All Actions
IBM SECURITY NEWTWORK PROTECTIONNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/14/2014Under EvaluationDPS 15-73378All Actions
2015 Chevrolet Suburban LT 4WDDASNo10/14/2014Awarded0B100415All Actions
Evaluation Services for the Ohio Department of Health Asthma ProgramDASNo10/14/2014AwardedCSP900415All Actions
Medicaid Schools Program Random Moment Time StudyDASNo10/10/2014Under EvaluationCSP905215All Actions
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Hearing Examiner ServicesNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/10/2014PostedJFSR1415028083All Actions
BPA-PM_Net Training Matrix and ClassesNot Issued by DAS OTHER Yes10/10/2014Under EvaluationOITRFQ094All Actions
Moving and Storing of Business Enterprise EqipmentNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/10/2014Under EvaluationOOD-BE-2015-01All Actions
Master Service & Repair AgreementNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/10/2014Under EvaluationOOD-BE-2015-02All Actions
Switchgear Preventative Maintenance, Testing, Inspections and Repair ServicesDASNo10/6/2014AwardedCSP902915All Actions
Arc Flash Hazards AnalysisDASNo10/6/2014AwardedOT901915All Actions
Professional Development for Providers of Part C Early Intervention ServicesDASNo10/6/2014AwardedCSP902015All Actions
Retail Rate Stability Rider Costs and Revenues ExpertNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/6/2014Under EvaluationOCC 2015-03All Actions
PROGRAMMER ETL DEVELOPER IT CONSULTANTS (3)Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/6/2014Under Evaluation105137143All Actions
Immunization Program Equipment, Supplies and ServicesDASYes10/3/2014Under EvaluationOT900815All Actions
DAS – Disaster Storage Replication and Metro Facilities DASNo10/3/2014Under Evaluation0A1134All Actions
Electrofishing Control Boxes--Qantity of 3Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/3/2014Under EvaluationODNR 15-004All Actions
Safety and Risk Assessment: A Study of the Validity and Reliability of Ohio’s Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model – Interim Solution (CAPMIS)Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/3/2014Under EvaluationJFSR1415068082All Actions
Open Ended Medical Technical AdvisorsNot Issued by DAS OTHER No10/2/2014InquiryJFSR1415078063All Actions
Electrofishing Boats, Trailers & Associated Equipment – Quantity of 2Not Issued by DAS OTHER No10/2/2014CancelledODNR 15-0005All Actions

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