eBid Vendor and Bidder Notice

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is required, by law, to advertise intended purchases for the benefit of competing persons producing or dealing in the supplies or services to be purchased. These intended purchases are listed in an electronic Bid Bulletin maintained on the Procurement Services web site and may be accessed by any interested party.

As a courtesy, DAS will provide electronic notice of such purchases to any bidder who has registered with DAS for the respective supplies or services. This registration does not include opportunities for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. To obtain more information on current bid opportunities for that area please visit the Ohio Facilities Construction Commision.

The Office of Procurement Services is the division of DAS responsible for the registration process. Please provide all required information to complete the application process. Once you have completed the registration process using your user id and password you will be able to maintain your registration information online.

Special Note: DAS will provide notice of intended purchases via e-mail. It is imperative that you provide the correct e-mail address.

By continuing to the eBid Registration / Login page, you acknowledge and accept the above notice.

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